Ipod Nano

My computer crashed about a month ago. While trying to copy the itune I purchased from Apple to my new laptop, I erased my entire Nano. 225 purchased tunes. Anything I can do? Do they have a record of what I purchased? Can they download the tunes to my new laptop. Getting a human being is almost impossible that speaks English without an accent. The idea of having to redo those tunes. Near impossible. It was done over hours, months of auditioning/listening to tunes. I'm getting sick thinking about it....sos sos thanks in advance, warren
If your computer crashed, your best bet is probably to take your hard drive to a recovery service. They'll find your stuff. I'll hazard a guess that Apple will do nothing for you.
Yes you can. although I dont own a thumb drive I gogled it for you, go to advanced options under your purchased account and "check for purchases" a quote I dug up said....

"What if my Hard drive got erased and I lost ALL of my music." And this is what he emailed back.

Itunes Music Store Says "In the event that a customers entire music library is lost, the iTunes Music Store does re-grant the purchases history. Please keep in mind that Apple does not offer protection against the loss of purchases, so this is a one-time exception."

I hope this helps...............Chad
I am not sure if my first reply is gonna get posted, check your email...I think I found some info you may be interested in.
Do you have your old computer? Anytime you purchase a song from iTunes, it stores it in your main directory and it's up to you to put it on your ipod. So, if you have your old computer, you should be able to pull the songs from there.
Read somewhere recently that there is a company who specializes in recovering information off crashed hard drives. Maybe you can Google it to get more info. I know the cost wasn't real cheap but it still may be a good alternative to purchasing all the songs again plus all the time it will take to download them. I am sure that all the other info you lost on your computer is also missed dearly so the price they charge takes on an even better value.
No. Crashed? Like it kapuski? nuclear itune devastation. I got my answer, however. Thanks
And the answer is....?
I found it on their (Apple Store) web site. They are going to get back to me in 24 hours. They said this happens all the time, and they will reload all my purchased itunes, via a download. They said not to worry. So far, I'm not.. thanks Chad...
Gotta love Apple.
Warren, make sure to back up those songs this time! Maybe burn the music files as data to DVD.

Also, those drive recovery services cost mucho dinero! Much more than the drive itself is worth, because they know drives can be more easily replaced than the precious data on them.

I'm glad Apple is helping you out, because they usually try their best not to.
My pleasure Warren, glad to help.
I am surprised that Apple is coming through. Good for them.

There are many places locally that will recover a hard drive for about 40-50 bucks. If someone is charging "mucho dinero" they are rip-off artists.
That's good to know, 4yanx. It seems I jumped the gun. The places I was thinking of are the ones that recover data from drives that have been in fires, etc...
Well, it's not looking so good anymore. I just received an email that says they are not going to replace my tunes. "we are not responsible" I'm not going to let this lay. It is not fair. Others have had their itunes restored as Chadnliz's link has shown.
Gotta hate Apple.
I gotta love 'em. They did it. All my purchased tunes. Free. Done deal.
Glad it worked out, where is my Bel Canto :)
Gotta love Apple.