Ipod mini speakers

I know you can't get the best sound out of these new little docking stations for the ipods that have speakers- but can anyone recommend a good one to buy a friend for the holidays....I saw Jbl, bose etc......but couldn't tell how good they sounded because of all the shoppers.....thanks J
Monitor audio Ideck.

I've listened to both the JBL OnStage and the Bose SoundDock in the offices of co-workers and would buy the JBL if I were choosing between the two for myself, simply because it seems like a better buy. There's a constant stream on ebay of refurbished ones from the manufacturer if the thrill of winning an auction adds to the appeal.

A much better sounding, though less convienient, option for an iPod system is to get one of the tiny Sonic Impact T-amps while they're still available (they've been discontinued, I hear) from someplace like Parts Express, plug the iPod into it and drive your choice of minimonitors, something used like the NHT SuperZero, PSB Alpha, Acoustic Energy Aesprit 301 or even Minimus 7. I've got a setup like that in my office and it's pretty amazing. You can put together a nice sounding system for around $150.
I really enjoy this wee toy Bought it two weeks ago, hard to beat at $100
If you are not limited to docking station, Swans M200 speakers are a real treat.


i'm listening to my iPod right now on my Altec Lansing inMotion docking station. it's kind of small, and fits right on the corner of my desk. i got it at best buy for $179, and i love it. in fact, i love it so much that i got one for my mom too, and she uses it to listen to her iPod when she is cooking in her kitchen.

not audiophile grade sound, but it sounds decent, is small and portable and is easy to use. i am quite pleased with it!
thanks for the respone...John