iPod: Lossless vs 320 vs 192

I'd like to hear from folks that have compared lossless on an iPod to some of the higher lossy bit rates like 320 or 192. Now that iPod comes in 160gig, this reopens the question for me: Should I bother carrying the heavier unit (rather than a nano) in order to hear lossless (vs my current 192).

Target application is an iPod, not a high end stereo, BUT, I use the best in-ear phones (currently Westone UM2, soon either Westone 3 or Shure SE530). So subtle difference are audible, but soundstaging is not such a big deal.

So, do any of you have experiences to share on this front?

Of course, stories of your experimentation playing on higher end systems are interesting as well, but my own inquiry right now is:

Will I hear a marked difference playing my iPod on high end earphones, between, 192-320 formats and the lossless format?


ps: Another complicating factor is that I think the larger iPods generally have somewhat better sound quality, richer, stronger, than the tiny second generation nano. Sigh. Decisions.....
You will definately hear a difference between lossless and 320, particularly using the UM2's (which I also have used). BUT -- and this this a major but -- only if you also take the sound from a line out and use an external amp. If you send the signal through the earphone jack in the ipod, you are substantially compromising the benefits of the lossless format and quality earphones. even if you have a smaller ipod, it is still worth selectively synching your itunes library so that you have lossless files (albeit fewer of them at any given time) on your ipod.

if that makes sense, check out head-fi.org for detailed discussions of different headhone amp options, portable and desktop.
Thanks Jeffrey - I had completely fogotten about the option of using a small external amp. I did hear a few of them at the head-fi.org conference in San Jose and they were impressive.
i am currently using a Ray Samuels Audio Tomahawk. I also have used and liked the Xin Supermicro amp. Both are very compact, have good battery life, and produce a very full, tube-like sound. Looking at the (exceptional) equipment you have in your system, I think you would be very happy with the sound you get from a RSA or Xin amp paired with your ipod.

Good luck!
hometheaterhifiDOTcom did a review of ipods recently, I can send you the link if you want. One of the interesting things in a side link there was how horrible the ipods measure when you apply a load (ie headphones) to the output. Funny thing was the ipod shuffle turned out to sound the best, with the nano second.

Headphone amp is the way to go to improve sound. On my ipod without an amp there was no real difference between lossless and 320mp3. With a small headroom amp the difference is there but still smaller than you think. I am only using the lower level eytmotics though. Easy to try for yourself, just rip something at both rates.
The day you listen to Apple Lossless you'll never go back to MP3 even the Lame 320.
Think about also get a iMod iPod from Vinnie Rossie from www.redwineaudio.com.
Anither great optio is using FLAC via Rockbox, not iTunes !!!
Bob from Brasil

P.S.: Let's exchange experience about Shure E5-C X Westone 2?
Have compared AIFF vs lossless and AIFF is slightly better in terms of dynamics and overall soundstage. Also, coupled with a portable amp, currently using portaphile with great success. Makes an even greater improvement ie. better separation & bass.