iPod Help AIFF vs. WAV vs. Appleloss Less

I just bought a new 60gb iPod that I plan to use for 256 AAC files for the office and for travel. I've decided to keep my old 3rd generation 30 gb ipod for use as an uncompressed source for headphone listening at home. I will be using it with a pair of Grado 125's and the Grado headphone amp. I was reading the recent Stereophile article and I like the idea of getting about 85 hours worth of music via Appleloss less vs. the 40 hours I would get with the other two formats. Has anyone compare these three and how would the Appleloss less stack up against the others. Any help would be most appreciated! Best-Gary...
Lossless means lossless. It's identical to an AIFF file.
You'll quickly run into problems with how your files are organized of the computer you're using to download to the iPods. It can be done, but multiple formats can get complicated. As a practical matter 40 hrs. of music is quite a large amount of music. Do you really gain that much from going to 85 hours? Couldn't the same be accomplished by simply updating/exchanging the music files on the iPod you want to listen to?
Maybe it's just me, but every time I hear:

"lossless means lossless"

I think "perfect sound, forever."