Ipod Docking stations???

Looking for a good sounding docking station for an ipod, yeah I know that ipod is not the best musical prodcut out there but for on the go type of listening I feel its ok. Looking for a portable type docking station, since I LOVE tubes I did some research but I would prefer to hear from the tube audio gurus as to my homework. So far I've looked into the following list, any recommendations or advise would be greatly appreciated, dont know if some of you have had any of the following but I would like to hear some input

Logic3 Valve 80 40watts $399

Dice ITPA-220 20 Watt $168 Ebay

Roth Audio Music Cocoon $499 Amazon

Itube Valve dock, price varies but looks cheaply made. Highest price $599 for the carbon edition.
1. Monitor Audio I-Deck

I'm going to post for sale soon my Monitor Audio I-Deck. This is a 3 piece unit - two separate 2-way speakers plus amp/dock. It sounds very good - vern enjoyable. It's a REAL albeit little stereo system. Blows away any ipod dock system under $200, competitive around $400 and up. It does not have the kind of muddy boom-boom bass that most ipod docks have, and so in anything but a small room it will sound bass-light unless you position it carefully (best close to a wall or corner). Google the reviews. Good for near-field listeining. It was $350 new. I'll ask $90 plus shipping and packing. Comes with remote and aux-input.

Caveat: it will PLAY any non-shuffle ipod via it's dock - however - it CHARGES any non-shuffle ipod except the new nano and previous nanos. (that is, it will charge the first 3 iterations of nano; this is true of most older dock systems). There are aftermarket adapters around $30 if you need to charge the newer nanos.

This is NOT the one piece Monitor Audio I-Deck "Compact" by the way.

2. For around $140 you can buy the M-Audio AV40 on Amazon.com. It's a little pair of self powered speakers that punch WAY over their price-tag. I love'em. Add an ipod dock and you are cooking. No remote unless you buy it for the dock.

3. I've also had good experience with Audioengine 5 used in a similar situation. $325 plus dock.

These are NOT tube units but I'm a tube lover so anything I like has some good chance of appealing to another tube-head.

i would get the the Logic3 Valve80, it features a pair of 2 way bookshelf speakers, as well as a tube amplifier that knock out 40 watts per channel. A friend of mine have it, and they fill out his room of sound!