Ipod compatibility with Wav

I recently did three things: (1) downloaded 200+ cd's in WAV format using Windows Media on my PC; (2) transferred all the new WAV music files to an external hard drive; (3) and transferred 100+Cd's (downloaded previously using i-tunes Apple Lossless) from an old external hard drive to the new external hard drive connected to my PC. Now I am afraid to sync my old ipod with my computer for fear of losing anything already on it, and I do not know if a new ipod (Classic 120gb)which is on the way will be able to download the WAV files (and if it can, how - I previously loaded up my 60 gb ipod using I-Tunes which was very easy to use). I switched to WAV for the recent download of 200+ cd's to achieve the best sound quality because my primary purpose was to rip a copy of each cd. Now, as a secondary purpose, I would like to load up the new ipod and use it with a Wadia 170i. Long question. Any assistance or guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I have a new ipod classic/i170 wadia with flac and wav files. everything works great, no sonic differences between the flac/wavs.