ipod classic vs nano

Hi- I'm thinking of buying an ipod and would appreciate opinions of the classic - hard drive based model vs the nano. I just made a trip to the local apple store and to me the nano sounds more dynamic and overall better than the classic. Any opinions on the current (8-08) versions?
I don't have a strong opinion, but I think general consensus is that the hard drive model sounds a bit better. To really test it out, you need to bring your own (good quality) earphones, and compare on lossless tracks. Meaning, it's impossible to test this at an Apple Store.

But...I would hold off on buying an iPod right now. They always bring out the new models during back-to-school time, so it's virtually guaranteed that there'll be new models that'll be better, cheaper, or both, by the first week of September.
counting backwards nailed it...wait a month...new models will be coming out.
Hi, I owned the classic. I got so made at the battery failures and crashes that i threw it away.

I bought the nano and it works better than the classic in every way. Whether you wait for the next one or not, the nano is a much better device. One advantage, especially if you use it while working out or being active, is no hard drive. The absence of a hard drive means better battery life and no skips of a read/write head. In short, I'm pleased with the nano.

I'm buying the iPhone shortly. I hope I'm as pleased with it as the nano. Good luck, Jeff
The classic is hard drive driven, and the nano has a flash drive. The classic has better sound...use the best earbuds you can find.
Thanks for everyone's help!