Ipod Classic into Grado RA :good match?

I am planning on Grado RA-1 (battery version for the road)headphone amp purchase to use it with Ipod Classic 160gb and audio-Technica cans(impendance 40)Is it a decent match or a dissapointment?Also,should i expect any sound improvements or just a prolonged battery life?I am new to headphone world and your opinions will be appreciated.
I haven't heard the iPod with the Grado headphone amplifier you mention. However, you might want to reconsider buying the latest 160gb iPod. I was about to do the same thing, until I started reading a thread on amazon.com with numerous complaints about the sound quality of the latest iteration of the iPod. Apparently Apple changed out the DA converter in the latest version, and the result is less than stellar. I went ahead and bought a fifth generation 80gb model with the older DA converter.
Thanks for the heads up.Do you know if the display on 80gb is split screen like 160gb or is it like my old 4th gen 60gb?