Ipod cable to Integrated amp

What sort of cable to I need for my office system so people can hook up their Ipods to my Prima Luna integrated. Prima Luna has RCA inputs. Thanks
Get yourself an ipod dock cable to RCA's

Apple Dock connector to M RCA

it sound great with the Primaluna
the simplest approach is to get a mini (1/8") to rca (male) adapter cable, which shouldn't cost more than $5 at walmart or radio shack.
Best to get a dock-RCA cable. If you use the mini-RCA cable you are taking the headphone feed that goes through the colume control. I like the cables from Audio Line Out (Ken Ball).

You could get a 4' Ipod Compatible Rca Cable at amazon.
On my Dialogue 2 use RCA to 1/8" mini (stereo). I got mine on eBay. It has gold plated connectors, good amount of length (5') and is oxygen free copper and shielded and has a nice fleixble sheathing on it. Made by Monster for about $20.

Don't spend more than that on a cable for the iPod/iPhone. You won't notice a difference as the device isn't there yet.

Be sure to keep the volume down on your iPod. The highest setting is too loud for line levels. About 2/3 the way up is decent enough.