IPOD and an audiophile soundcard

I recently broke down and bought a 40gb ipod when I realized that I could import uncompressed wav files. Any tips and suggestions from fellow audiophiles on getting the most out of it? I am also looking for a high end sound card for my PC...any suggestions? I have a VPI TNT set up and need a nice A/D convertor so that I can "take my vinyl" on the road in the IPOD. I also got a nifty little FM transmitter that sits on top.
Converting vinyl to digital is a very time consuming process. It will take roughly twice the playing time of the record. In addition to a good A/D converter you'll also need software for editing and click removal. It may be less trouble to actually go out a purchase CD versions of the music you want to convert.

If I haven't deterred you, then Apogee, Lynx, RME and M-Audio all make high quality soundcards.
I've had the PreSonus Firestation outboard DAC recommended to me. It connects to your PC via Firewire and includes an AD converter ( and mike preamps ). Looks good and I'm looking forward to trying one.
M-Audio's Audiophile 24/96 is quite good, as is their "Revolution" if you desire a more mainstream card for games, etc. Audiophiles desiring the use of an outboard DAC for their PC should steer clear of any of the SoundBlasters (even the Audigy series) as AC97 compatibility means they upsample your 44.1KHz source to 48KHz before sending it to the SPDIF output. None of the M-Audio/RME boards do this. If you desire an AES/EBU output, go for the RME-Audio Digi96/8 PAD. This is a professional card (i.e. for use with a DAW), but if you want quality, it's a great way to go.

More info (in ascending price order):

M-Audio Revolution 7.1:

M-Audio Audiophile 2496:

RME-Audio DIGI24/96PAD:
Can I get a SPDIF digital out from my laptop?
The Digigram offers a card for adding digital I/O to laptops.
I found two products with SPDIF out that uses USB connections. Can I get away with the $80 Edirol, http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--EDIUA1D, or is the MAudio, http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--MDOAPUSB, the way to go?

Thanks for the help.

A friend recently asked me how to "digitize" old reel to reel recordings which led me to two salesmen who recommended the M-Audio Audiophile A to D device and the "lite" version of Peak Software.

Interesting, however, these guys did not strike me as audiophiles but still thought that the M-Audio device was of decent but not great sound quality.

For my audiophile tastes, they suggested I look at the Apogee ME something, which was roughly 10 X ?!? the price of the M-Audio device.

I, too, would love to digitize LPs and have server based options for all of my listening so if anyone is up to speed on this subject, could we have more feedback, please?

Beyond the LP project, what is the best way to rip CDs (using EAC?) tolossless, bit for bit, WAV files and then output bit for bit losseless files into a proper, audiophile DAC?