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I would like to know how to play my Pandora iphone app through my home tube amp set up. I have an arcam rdac, what is the best way to hook this up?

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I love the HRT iStreamer DAC for this. Everything you need for $200 except the RCA cable from the DAC to your preamp/integrated. I like four things about it:

1) It bypasses the internal DAC. Sounds pretty damn good for $200. This works not only for your iTunes music and ripped files, but also for anything streaming to the device, such as Pandora, internet radio, YouTube videos or movies.

2) Very portable. I can leave an RCA cable attached to multiple preamps/integrateds around the house and just bring the iStreamer to another room if I wish. It can also be powered from a cigarette lighter adapter and used in the car if your stereo has RCA inputs for an aux source.

3) It charges the iPhone while you are using it.

4) I use a longer RCA cable from the DAC to the preamp so I can keep the iPhone/iPod/iPad next to me. It's nice when I want to hop around from internet station to internet station.
Sorry dude, sometimes I mistake someone asking for instructions for someone asking for suggestions. Just trying to be helpful, no need to take offense.

Onemug and Metralla answered your question if you were looking for instructions.

If I were you I would get a dock that has the Apple licensed chip for digital out. The point is to get your rDAC doing the conversion and get some enjoyment out of it.

For that, Onemug's suggestions would do it. Another is the Onkyo ND-S1.

Another thing is to ask Arcam or the place you bought if from. Might save you from having to read our non-specific ramblings.