iPhone/iTunes best connection advice


What's the best sounding connection from my iPhone 4s to my 2 channel system? I do have a Rega DAC.

Right now I just have a mini plug to RCA cable going from my iPhone to preamp.

Something like one of these:

http://www.wadia.com/products/transports/171i/ http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/summary.php?PID=605 http://www.uk.onkyo.com/en/products/nd-s1-34533.html
hrt istreamer dac surprising good
For the best sound quality you're going to want something that bypasses the iphone's dac.

The best option would be the Wadia.

Another option would be the Pure i-20.
I bought a demo Wadia 170 from Music Direct for $150 for my iPhone4 and it works great. Best of luck.