iPhone into Bel Canto 2.5 ??

I'l love to run Tidal off my iPhone into my DAC 2.5.

I bought an Apple Lightining to USB adapter to plug it in, but the DAC 2.5 won't recognize it (reads LOS on the display)

Any thoughts?

Would it work with an Amazon fire tablet?

(I know a computer works with the 2.5, but I don't want my living room to look like an office).
I don't think you can use the iPhone charging port as a digital out port. I use the headphone jack with a mini jack -> RCA adaptor but that's analog output.
Thank you for the feedback - that makes sense.

I have used the ipod charging port with several iPhone transports, but I would love to go direct.

It sounds like I need a tablet with a USB out...and cross my fingers that tidal supports an Android app...
you can use your iphone's lightning as a USB out  I use an Audioquest Red DAC plugged into the apple lightning camera adapter so I can stream and charge at the same time. work great for what it is (not really hi rez though) you need to plug into your usb input on your DAC. Hopefully that will work, if not then your DAC may not recognise the iPhone.