IPC Energizers

Installed 5 IPC Energizers in my listening room after taking a chance that they were not BS gizers. Reading up on the specs would make any BS meter hit the max mark. Total stool!!

Well all I can say is that I think/hear and know they are working out just fine in my audio pad. CP @ ST's wrote up on these guys and said they were more powerful that the StainMusic boxes/rocks and after buying two boxes and 4 rocks I must agree with him. Sold the box of rocks and bought 5 IPC gizers.

What do they do to the sound? Irked and tired of the audiophile duck talk I am so words about MO of what they are doing is not why I posted this. Lets just say they are working out and abiding in my system with very positive results that makes me want to explore all my music with a new zeal.

I am told the EQ panels are 4X's more powerful than the Energizers and they don't need a new battery every 3/4 years like their little bro as there is none to replace. They look like an ironing board and are lots of $$$. My wife would not like ironing boards in her LR.

To me this a breakthrough product that must be heard without reading the laughing gas info on how they work.

So those who want to write in with all the wise A$$ remarks go ahead because I am sure we all can get some deep and powerful Hee Haws from those with great writing skill/abilities that brings to light the make up of this product.
Wow, Proton Vibration Alignment - how revolutionary! Here is some of their website spiel:
IPC’s proprietary Euphoria TechnologyTM is implemented in all IPC products to generate a prescribed and stable PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field).

An atom has three major particles, namely Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. The PVA Field created by Euphoria TechnologyTM aligns the vibration and movement of protons and electrons in all matter so that their physical properties are fundamentally enhanced.

Euphoria TechnologyTM is based on quantum mechanics operating on the scale of picometers, i.e., picotechnology. Picotechnology refers to the manipulation of matter on the scale of trillionths of a meter (10-12 m), and is much more advanced than traditional nanotechnology.
"Quantum mechanics", say no more, Squire!! BTW, how much does this startling product cost? Mfgr's. website contained no pricing info....

Dealer response disclaimer...

The Energizers are $1k each and the panels are $2500 each.
Are you using the Acoustic Revive unit and the Shakti stands in addition to the IPC Energizers? Does the importer give a trial audition? Their web page is a bit sparse. At t.h.e. Show this May, one room had these in the room but they were not demonstrating their effect.

Is that all you got??
Dealer response disclaimer....

I have to throw my personal 2 cents in on the IPC energizers and panels. I,again personally, would rather have a well set up $10K system along with my 5 energizers/4 panels than a $100K + system without the IPC products. Speakers/electronics/cables, no matter how much you spend on them, cannot do what the IPC products do to the sound in the room. If you get a chance you should try and experience it for yourself if the opportunity presents itself.
85 years ago the 24 year old Heisenberg published his Uncertainty Principle, a pillar of quantum physics. People have been expressing outrage and indignation and turning blue in the face ever since.

I so agree. Truly a breakthrough product. I think I can squeeze two ironing boards in my room .

We were the dealer, Rhapsody Music and Cinema that had a few energizers in both the Vivid Audio and the Raidho rooms at the recent NYC Audio show. Audio shows are not the place to demonstrate the effects of IPC type products. Problem being is that when you turn them on and off their can still be a residual effect for a certain period of time in the room, which does not provide conclusive results. The best way to hear and understand the effects of the IPC devices is to try them in your room/system with which you are very familiar with. We offer a 14 days money back return policy on the IPC products. As long the products are returned with all original packaging and in the same new condition as which they were received. No one has returned them yet. Heck, I hate it when I loan my IPC devices out for trial, which I do btw, because when you get used to them and take them away, it can be "sonic devastation"! Just sayin'.....Bob
Dealer disclaimer....just received this notice from the IPC importer

Here are some changes which are on the horizon and below the latest confirmation of an IPC believer.

People who bought the ACOUSTIC EQUALIZER panels, received these with
a stand which will be discontinued.
There are just too many cost involved in shipping those stands around the planet.
The actual stand will be replaced in the near future with a new design we are currently working on.
It will be more of "a-on-the-bottom-of-the-panel-sitting-unit" which holds the panel from underneath,
which will be much cheaper to ship and much less visable.
I have no photo of the first sample to show yet.

In case you are planing to extend your amount of ACOUSTIC EQUALIZER and you want that current stand,
I highly encourage you to place your order now. Once the last stands have been shipped, they will not come back.

We have currently a problem to supply the LP ENERGIZER, which is extremely costly and complicated to produce.
I will keep you posted once the LP ENERGIZER will be available again.

3. New Prices
Here are the new prices as they will come into effect on September 1 2013:
AE Acoustic Energizer now $ 995.00 then $1,295.00
AEQ Acoustic Equalizer panels
now $ 2,500.00 then $ 2,950.00
SP Sound Power now $ 2,500.00 then $ 2,950.00
All orders placed / paid for before Sept 1 2013 will be honored with the current prices.

Have a friend over and we played DSOTM $$$ for 3 min. It was like watching a 3D move. Slaps you In the face it does! We then Turned the IPC off and went and played two different songs to let the IPC effect tone down. We then played $$$ again without the IPC's ON!! We both laughed and said the sound was stuck in the box of the speakers. SITB is my new Audio lingo. Yes you can have a system of 100K with SITB sound.

Will two ironing boards = 5 Energizers?

Seems like copy cats are on the run. Audio Magic has their own Energizers for 1.5K per unit. Have you heard them?
Hi Glory,

No I haven't heard the Audio Magic products. Would be interesting to hear.

The IPC panels basically work on the low frequencies. I don't know the exact frequencies, but somewhere around 80Hz. The energizers work on frequencies above 80Hz. So having energizers really doesn't do anything for the bass and the panels don't really do anything for the above 80hz frequencies. The ideal start up set would be to have two panels and three energizers. That would do the full frequency range. Then whenever the $$$ allowed two additional energizers can be added and then the last two panels would be a complete room set. Bob
Here's a list of the products that IPC Hong Kong markets with "proton vibration alignment." There are all the same IPC device, just rebranded: http://www.protonalignment.com/

Have you noticed any improvements with your blood circulation, air conditioning, boat performance, skin tone, or speaking voice since installing them?
I have not noticed anything other than my audio systems sound "over the top" good:)
Have you set up any blind ABX tests with the devices? Perhaps you could organize one in your store, I'd love to attend, and I'm sure you'd have no issues with being a blind tester. I think an NYC Audiogon meetup is in order!
Trentpancakes- That's what you call "teeing it up":) I have done SEVERAL "turn on- turn off" listening tests. 20+ times. Every time the listeners heard a significant difference. The truth of the matter is that it drives me crazy doing this. You want to make sure that after you turn them off there is no residual effect and I feel that there is but not sure exactly how long 5, 10, 20 minutes....hard to tell for sure.

I feel more comfortable loaning out the devices (I have 5 energizers and 4 panels in my studio) for people to take home in an environment that is completely familiar to them. I also will bring the devices to peoples homes to try, BUT I think it's best if someone can keep them for an evening or even two days and play with them without a "sales person" sitting there. Personally I like to listen to things by myself to really tell what is going on.

BUT after saying all that, if anyone wants to set up something at my place just get in touch and we can figure something out.....of course everyone is always welcome, regardless if they are buying something or just interested in looking and seeing something that I happen to have on hand. Best, Bob
Every time the listeners heard a significant difference.

Are those customers being told that you're turning these devices on? I wonder if IPC would be willing to submit some test units to a double-blind testing scenario. I even have a good friend who is a research scientist for UC Berkeley in the field of particle physics, and he would probably be interested in running some tests of his own during the event. This could be really cool!
I was very impressed by the Acoustic Energizers. The only problem is you need to replace the batteries every 2 or 3 years at a cost of $200 per battery. I understand there are a number of companies that are coming out with similar units that do not need special batteries.
Audio Magic Jerry has 3 of the IPC E and he created something "better" that doesn't need $200.00 batteries. Only problem is the $$$1500.00 per unit cost. $7.5K for 5??

I would like to demo 3 of them.

Re: Audio Magic PEAs, do you have any information about the "better" side of this vs. the IPC Acoustic Energizers? What about the medium PEA boxes that go for about $600 each?
The $600.00 guys I am told by Jerry sound best on/near the speakers

Jerry's version I am told,by a good source, is better than the IPC and no battery BS.

Would like to try them but way to much $$$!!!! $1500.00 for one?? How about $400.00? Buy 4 and you pay for only 3.

Thanks for letting me know. So, if I were to buy the $600 guys I would need only 2 to have full effect? What are you referring to about $400?

Did you ever get to hear Jerry's panels? Have you heard the IPC panels?