Ipad with Mac mini vnc program?

I am just setting up my new Mac mini and ipad 3. Mini is going to be a dedicated music server. I was looking for opinions on vnc programs for this application and any advice as well.
If you are using itunes the free 'remote' app is a must have.
I use Mocha VNC (if I need to get system controls)

But Remote (free Apple app) works very well for the most part. I just hate the "resync" album/album art each time it comes off standby tho

If I need a full featured keyboard/mouse/display, I still find Screen Sharing on another Mac (like my MBA) works best.
I have used VNC to control volume on an iPad at shows, as well as remote. The problem is the size of the slider. It is usually so small on apps like Amarra that you need a stylus to make a volume adjustment. I have requested larger slider, but they dont listen...

Another option is the Keyboard controls. If you can get them to work reliably, this is much easier than volume sliders

The volume on itunes is not as good as Amarra or PM, but Remote is by far the best way to select music.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
sigh, once again this is not just a one program fix... I would like to turn on the iPad and mini. Then, instead of a keyboard and mouse just use the ipad for full control of the mini. I have computer skills but a lot of this nonsense is over my head, Currently, I am using iTunes... Meiwan thanks for the tip. I have a modwright transporter and I too hate the resync every time I turn it on too, I am currently researching screens... any feedback?
I use a preamp so volume control isnt an issue.

So Remote works best. It takes a while to resync with the server, you select the playlist or album, then you don't worry about it anymore.

Remote can also control iTunes volume too.

VNC doesn't seem to resync but I remember reading the overheads are higher. But then you hardly need to use it. I just set up the Mini to AutoStart iTunes and the music plug in (Amarra or PM or AudirvanaPlus)