iPAD to DAC?

I would like to try using my later day iPad as a digital streaming source for a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. I understand there is an Apple supplied cable that comes with the camera kit, but later day posts indicate it does not work with the latest iOS's. There was also a Cambridge docking station with Coax and Optical out, but that is no longer available.

Has anyone had success with this, lately?


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Why not just stream to your DAC with a streamer via AirPlay?
I’m using the camera kit adaptor with my iPad Pro running the latest iOS beta.  Works fine outputting via USB to a Mytek Brooklyn DAC
I also use my iPad Air 2 with apple camera kit adapter using
a Pangea Premier SE USB cable and also a ifi Audio iSilencer 
plugged in my PS Audio DACIII, sounds great.
CincyJim Cincy, OH