Ipad Mini....


If anyone is streaming via Bluetooth....

Try using an Ipad Mini.

I have tested several devices.  The SQ is par excellant with imaging to boot.
Compared to what? Any Bluetooth audio transmission is sub par.
Disagree on sub par....
While computer stream is resolving..I find it lacks "jam" very unsoulful sound...cut and paste audio....
Again, compared to what devices?

In any case it’s certainly not "high end" or "audiophile grade" sound in my experience. And it’s not just about resolution.

A wired or or standard wireless connection provides better fidelity.

But I have to admit harmonic distortion and phase issues or whatever the heck that’s wrong with it can be euphonic at times. I'm sure the tech experts can say it better.
If you enjoy what your listening to, I wouldn’t get hung up about how the music got to you.  I’m on vacation now and using the iPad mini with BT noise reducing headphones.  While I miss my big rig, this is pretty good sound