iPad Mini as control device for network player

For those using iPad as control device for Lumin or other network player app: will the Mini suffice? All else being equal, the smaller the better for my purposes. But then all else may NOT be equal. 
I use iPad mini with my Aurender N10. No compromises vs regular iPad except smaller screen size.
Bigger than a phone. Most control apps scale to the device. Even for those that don't like MoOde it will be plenty big.
Just wondered whether Mini was ENOUGH bigger than phone. Evidently yes. Thanks, fuzztone.
I’ve used my Mini for Audirvana, Bel Canto Seek app, and Roon with no issues or complaints whatsoever.
If Mini works happily with all mentioned, including Roon, I will proceed forthwith. Thanks crn3371.

I use mine with a microRendu. Works great with mconnectPlayer HD for Qobuz streaming and Rigelian for my personal library. I also use Airplay for various other streams with the microRendu's Shairport  function.
Sounds like a Mini can handle about any player or app out there, so I won't hesitate. Thanks, melvinj.

If you have not bought the mini yet, I would wait until March. Apple is going to launch new version of iPad mini. The new mini 6 is expected to have 8.4” screen without any increase to the physical dimensions of current iPad mini 5.

I've been using a Ipad Mini for the last 5 years with my Auralic Aries Mini it works great and I like the size of it.
Using Mini with lots of the apps mentioned above. One nice touch in Lumin app is you can pinch album art to display whatever size you prefer. 
Just started using Roon, and have to figure out how I can do the same as the default 2 rows of larger covers makes it more tedious to scroll thru my large collection. Other than that minor issue, Roon on mini is great too.

I don't think you'll regret getting an iPad Mini for remote. Spring for a comfortable leather cover! Cheers,
Wow, the news just gets better with every post. @lalitk, you saved me by one day! I somehow thought the current Mini was a recent release. But now will definitely wait until March for the improved version. Agon is such a valuable resource, wish I had discovered it years ago.
One thing to be aware of: older iPad mini’s may not be able to run current versions of the software you want to use. I had a first generation mini that I was using to control my Auralic streamer (with the Auralic Lightning software). At some point a few years ago it became unusable (for that purpose), because it wouldn’t run the newer iOS system software and that was required for the newer Auralic software. So, yeah, go for the newer version for maximum longevity.
^^^^For this reason alone, I take advantage of Apple trade-in policy. You can get upto 40% back in trade-in value towards new iPad. If you wait 2-3 generations, your iPad is pretty much worthless.