iPad-Greatest tool for manuals at your fingertips

In my opinion, this is the greatest accidental find since Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident. I was fooling with my IPad tonight and found out that when you download any manual, it saves a PDF or Doc document automatically if you click right below the search box just below the upper right hand corner, which says Open in iBooks.

It also works with your iPhone as well. IBooks is a free App via the App Store.

I was just joking about this being the greatest find since penicillin, but it is very cool. I just downloaded my 7 manuals for my PS3, Gallo amp, Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers, Sony SCD-XA5400ES sa/cd player, Revel Ultima Salon 2 speakers, Mark Levinson No 512 cd/sacd player and Mark Levinson No 326S preamp.
iBooks is actually pretty good for reading books too... :^)

If you keep lots of documents (of any kind) on your iPad, I cannot recommend the GoodReader app highly enough. Very useful!
And if you have a Mac, there is a piece of software (free/shareware) for your Mac called calibre. The GUI is kind of kludge-y but it is an ebook manager which works better than others I have seen (if anyone else has seen even better - please tell me!). If you have an iPad, an iPhone, a Kindle, and another kind of reader in the household, it can manage the software for each, convert an *.epub into a *.mobi, etc. It is actually quite useful for managing a a stack of ebook 'assets' BEHIND what you push through iTunes or any other interface to your gadget.
Hoepfully your memory in the 2iPad is expandable to 128G, otherwise you will in memory hell.
I have a Galaxy tablet and its awesome for these type things where you need to view or search for something but need it real portable. I have removable mem cards that I like alot.
I wonder what you would think about the iPeng app and accessing hundreds of lossless redbook and hi-rez albums on your ipad. Very cool.