iPad for streaming to Yamaha amp

New to the world of streaming 
signed up for Tidal was hoping to stream with my iPad through the USB port sincethe output from the headphone jack is poor quality.
Do I need to go to a streaming device specifically to high quality sound?
If so any recommendations for moderate price devices?
Thank you 
@jwfitdo - This subject comes up pretty often. There is quite a bit of information on the topic over at the Computeraudiophile.com site. Maybe go there and do a search on "Apple Camera Cable". 

Here's a cut/paste from one of my old posts on the subject:

Go read the info at Computeraudiophile.com. According to some of the folks over there, the iPod/iPhone will output bit perfect digital over the USB 3 Camera cable. The USB 3 camera kit cost $40 at Apple. Give it a try, you can't go too far wrong.

My NuForce Icon iDO definitely will output bit perfect digital output. It also has a built-in DAC and can output 2-channel analog line level or a bit perfect digital signal. Unfortunately, the old NuForce is out of business and the iDo was discontinued a long time ago. 
Thanks Reuben’s I’ll give that a try 
No Problem. And, You're Welcome. I hope it works out for you. If you don't mind, please report back once you try the USB3 Camera Cable. The question comes up often, and I'll like a definitive answer.....
 Ruebent or anyone who wants to comment
Could not find the cable anywhere 
Decided to by Bluenod 2i streaming with  Tidals base service.
Should the sound quality improve with optical cable?
Is there a difference between the 10 or 20 dollars service.
Should I not expect Hi fidelity from streaming?