iPad as a music server?

Another thread suggested that the Camera Kit for the iPad bypassed the iPad's internal DAC. If this is the case, then couldn't the iPad be connected directly to an outboard DAC without the need for say the Wadia 170i dock?
Yes, but you would need to satisfy the transfer...BNC, RCA...etc.
Hey Bob, I'm with ya. The iPad would make a brilliant music server if you could make it work. It really needs more RAM though. I'm still using a CD player, but I want to move to a music server, I just haven's seen one I want yet.
I have an iPad and the camera kit, but cannot get it to send music digital out.
I am fairly apple literate, but maybe I am doing something wrong.

Someone either confirm my find that the camera kit DOES NOT allow digital output, or please tell me what I missed.

My camera kit is on backorder. I will try on iPad when it comes in. Has anyone tried iPad into Wadia dock?

The iPad won't fit on the Wadia 170 iTransport!

I'm surprised this topic hasn't come up before. I've been using my iPad as a digital source in my main system for a couple of months now, and have been extremely pleased with the results.

I don't often have time to post comments here, but all this talk of camera kits and Wadia docks has spurred me to come forward and reveal the true secret to achieving iPad audio bliss: a bluetooth DAC.

No cables or connectors need apply. The iPad's built-in Bluetooth transceiver allows you to wirelessly output a digital signal to a DAC of whatever quality and/or price is most suitable to your needs.

The one I've been using is the Chordette Gem (from Chord Electronics in England), which is described as their "entry" model (US price: $799). Should this strike you as laughably cheap (and lacking all semblance of true audiophile cred), you can always spring for the QBD76 (a more reasonable $5995). I've not heard the QBD76, so can't speculate what kind of improvement the extra $5200 will buy, but I can say without hesitation that I've been extremely pleased with the Gem.

It should be mentioned that the Gem has a USB input, too, but so far I haven't had time to try it out, nor have I had a chance to compare the Gem critically with either my Wavelength Brick or my NAD M55 CD/SACD/DVD player. But after 200+ hours of break-in, it is clearly in the same league. Close listening would likely reveal differences among them, but these might easily be of the "different" but not necessarily "better" variety.

Highly recommended!
Hi guys. First time on this forum. I have been struggling to get my iPad to stream to my Chordette Gem, with no joy. iPhone 3 and now 4 do it no problem, but the iPad won't detect the Gem. I tested the iPad with the Belkin Bluetooth music receiver and it worked fine, but the sound wasn't great.

Any ideas? Rel; you seem to have it working fine. iPad has latest iOS4, and the Gem is about 18 months old.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
Depending on the power requirements you may need to use a powered hub to get things right... iPad -> USB hub-> USB dac.

Look at Squeezebox SB3. I used a modified version and it really is nice! I have not purchased a DAC yet, but that is the next stop. The SB3 reads your hard drive either via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Once you modify the power supply it really takes on a new level of performance.

Here: http://www.stereophile.com/digitalprocessors/906slim


Just came across your post. Since you're able to get the Chordette to work with your iPhone, my first guess is that the Chordette is ignoring the iPad because it thinks it should be paired to the iPhone.

If you power cycle the Chordette (or flip the little toggle switch from the "wireless" (Bluetooth) setting to the "wired" setting for a few seconds, and then flip it back), you should be able to start fresh and pair the DAC to your iPad.

On the iPad, go to Settings (General) > Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth toggle is "On" and look for the "Chordette" strip under devices. Tap the Chordette strip. It usually takes a couple of seconds to pair the DAC and the iPad, and you're good to go.

Also, with the new "AirPlay" software, there is now an AirPlay icon next to the volume slider in iPod (music-playing) mode that looks a bit like a TV balanced on a triangle. Touch this to expand it, and make sure the Chordette is selected (checked).

Good luck--and report back!
Latest IPAD sw disables USB capability.
The new Cambridge Audio iD100 ipad/iphone doc......as long as you have a dac. This should get around the usb problems and is cheaper than Wadia.
The upcoming iPad2, to be launched soon in March, will have a USB port and for those whose DAC's come with a USB input, using the iPad as a music server will be a much more pleasant experience. I wait with bated breath.
You can get around it with a powered hub. IPad to hub, hub to dac.
Extremely disappointed that the just announced iPad2 does not have a USB port. So it's back to what Ts0711 has suggested.
I like my commodore 64.
I like the Cypher Labs AlgoRhthym Solo but it does come at a cost.