IODATA LinkPlayer2 CD audio perf experiences?

Since IODATA returned zero hits in the search box, this post may fall on deaf ears. I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences with this unit? I'm only interested in hearing comments regarding its CD playback qualities. Is the audio quality from the LinkPlayer2 any good? I almost bought a Denon DVD-1920 (this represents my upper spending limit on a playback device, btw) because its CD playback was very good (to me). However, I'm a big fan of Internet radio & a networked DVD player like the IODATA LinkPlayer2 looks like a dream come true. Am I giving up much to the Denon for CD audio playback? I can't afford both :( System specs as follows:

Outlaw Audio Model 970 pre/pro
Anthem MCA50
Wharfedale Evo 8's + center/surrounds/sub