Inwall Speaker Suggestions ??

Little discussion of inwall speakers.


Want good ones!!
and yes, many will say they cant replace
in-rooms, but room dictates in-wall, not a wife thang.

Interested in using an LCR likely with D'appelito display
(tweeter between a mid and a bass woofer) w/ decent bass.
(Room 20' x 30' w/ 12' ceilings)
Have a small 10' subwoofer, but LCR suggestions with better bass
appreciated- say down to 50-60 hz minimum.

Like the Snell AMC 870/ IW- D7 but cant find them.(?)

Any suggestions appreciated, (anything for sale?)

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There are many alternatives, but since you "want good ones," I think you should listen to Thiel PowerPlane (front, center) and PowerPoint (surrounds), as well as to Joseph Audio Insiders before you make a decision. Both can go loud and any reasonably good subwoofer would work OK with either one.