Inverting polarity dilemma


I have a Blue Circle BC 21.1 that inverses polarity. I also use a Myryad MDP500 G6. Both run into the same 2 channel amp (Anthem MCA 2 Series II) and of course another multichannel amp is used for the processor. The Blue Circle tube preamp uses a Processor Loop switch to ge between 2 channel audio and HT. My question(s) is/are:

1)How do I correct for inverted polarity? Switch speaker leads at the amp or the speaker or both?

2)Given that I also use the processor, would switching the speaker leads affect listening to HT through the Myryad? Would you switch polarity on the other multichannel amp as well (used only with the processor)?

3) Does this amp or other ones correct internally for inverted polarity?

Thanks everyone. Dave.
You can switch the polarity at the speakers or the amp, but if you do both it is the same as not doing anything (double negative = positive). :)

I'm not understanding your setup clearly but if your preamp inverts you can invert the speaker or amp leads to correct polarity. If your amp and preamp both invert, again, it's a double negative which would result in the correct absolute polarity.

Your electronics would not sense the inversion and certainly would not correct it automatically. If your preamp has a polarity invert switch, you can correct it that way, but most folks prefer to swap the speaker leads.

But about 50 percent of your recordings are recorded inverted anyway, so whichever way you set it up, it will only be correct half the time. I have a DAC in one of my systems that has a polarity invert feature and it works very well for me. When I think a recording does not sound quite natural, I push the invert button and usually it sounds better inverted. Don't get too hung up on this one thing -- there are plenty of other details to worry about!
So when you use the Myryad you bypass or don't use the BC21.1 ???

If so, I see your problem. The BC inverts, the Myryad does not. Therefore one source will always be out of phase which ever way you put the speaker terminals.

It does not matter where you invert the speaker cables (at the amp or the speakers); just don't do both, as you'll accomplish nothing.

If this is your problem may I suggest banana plugs for the speaker cables. It will then be easy to reverse the speaker cables depending on which source you are using (the BC or the Myryad).

I have no idea if I am right (check with Gilbert), but if you had him add a processor loop to the BC21 which will bypass the volume on the BC21, you could use the Myryad througth the BC, and the polarity will still the be same same (inverted going though the BC21).
Thank you both for your insight and answers. They have helped me out. You hit the nail on the head Sugarbrie as to how I'm set up. Cheers. Dave