Inverted and standard outputs on preamp

I recently received an older British Fidelity MVT preamp with a set of standard and inverted outputs. I want to try running four B&K m200 mono amplifiers to this preamp to separately power the lows and highs of each of my speakers. Can this work if one set of outputs is inverted? How will it affect the sound. I don't have a manual to explain what the difference is. I am inverted illiterate.
The inverted pair simply need to be "re-inverted" at the speaker or amp speaker binding post end (it won;t work to reverse the interconnects, etc). Simply switch BOTH left and right speaker wire red and black leads (red on black, black on red) but ONLY at the speaker or amp end, not BOTH.

Inverted outputs were installed to account for amps that invert the signal (some tube amps), but the simple speaker wire swap takes care of it.
Ted is right on. Should work fine that way.
That was easy to understand. I'll try it this evening. Thanks for the information.
Yeah, flipping the polarity on the speaker leads will fix that.

Inverting and normal outputs are very handy to have on preamps because they also make for an easy means to bridge the two channels of any stereo amp (that does not inherently have bridging capability).
Well, there's a little more to it in addition.
If you are talking about inverted outs on a pre, then you are also talking about ICs to the amp. Many people do, and many do not believe in "break in" or "burn in" time on cables and components. If the cables you are using have already been used for 100-200 hours, you
will need to reverse the direction. Remember, inverse polarity means the pos and neg are swapped.
Thus the hot (going toward) and the return (coming back) directions have been reversed. So to
maintain their direction, you must take the cables going toward and reverse it in the reversed
configuration. 180dg+180dg=360=0 . like this:
inverted output equals hot is return, reversing cable
makes hot point backwards. Thus the return signal, now flowing from the amp to the pre is flowing in the
designated direction (truly as the cable is designated). Otherwise stated, keep the arrows going in
the direction of the polarity.
*This *does *not *apply *to *shielded *cables. In this case the best thing
to do is to get new inexpensive shielded cables and always have the arrows point away from the source end.
The shielding is to trap RF and send it away from the intended source. Before anyone says I'm wrong, we may
have inverted the terminal that the signal is riding, but we didn't change the fact that the signal is coming from the pre. We haven't changed the fact that the RF needs to be sent to the common on the RCA outside, or the XLR chassi ground. We also haven't changed the fact
that the amp is using the center pin signal, out of
phase, which is why we change the speaker leads.
You can't flip XLRs so you're kinda gonna have to bite it in that case. (i.e. buy the inexpensive mic cables
to see if you like the set up before sinking nice money into good runs to the amps.) Now, stranger than that,
believe it or not, and it doesn't matter as my proof is
empirical; you can always fix any burn in effects by having it cryo'd. So it saves an expensive
cable. Dont worry, those who don't believe in cryo, won't believe in burn-in as to explain why one works
will explain how it will un-do the other. I've heard
alot of rude comments out here, so to not take the defensive, I just say, "go ahead and turn your cables
around and see if it doesn't sound crappy for more than a minute".
Best regards to you all. Happy Spring Weekend.
Well I believe in cryo + burn in, but I think you are a little confused on the subject Spiro.

Some preamps are inverted and some aren't and some have a switch so you can go back and forth and it seems this one has 2 sets of outputs. One being inverted and the other one not.

The reason some have a switch or 2 different outputs is because some Amps are inverted and some are not.

So to make sure you can match to any amps you would like to use.

Go ahead and use both but you will have to flip the

polarity on the speaker leads on one of the amps.
Hi, No not confused at all. The Mitner/Museatecks pre I installed for someone had two RCA sets, one straight and one inverted. We ran one set to a Pass Aleph 3 and the other to an aragon Paladium pair.