Invert phase, ARC LS3 ?

Firstly, I found the courage and decided to suck it up and try a ARC LS3. Price can't be beat and, got to love the on-going love -v- hate relationship with this preamp.
Well I need to know if it inverts phase, I assume it does.
Also, why is this done in the first place ?
Is there some sort of sonic improvement ? Seems pretty easy to me to just keep black to back and red to red.
Thanks, Scott
To my knowledge, no ARC line stages or preamps invert phase. But many CJ products do.
Nope, LS-3 does not invert phase. I've owned mine for ten years.
That is a good question though. Why do some pre amps invert phase? I've heard that Audible Illusions Pre's invert phase.


It is inherent in their design and adding another inverting stage to bring the output to non-inverting would result in further loss and coloration.
i noticed that some of there tube preamps can be upgraded to mk status,i have the ls3b can they mk solid states at ark?
Bbaxley2: To the extent I understand your question, no, the LS-3 and 3B were never upgraded.

They can, however, be retrofitted with a remote control volume control for about $600.