Invert phase?

Is there an easy way to invert the phase of a single component in a system? I have three sources, CD, turntable and tuner. The turntable and CD (the DAC, really) are inverted phase and the tuner is not. I have reversed the speaker connections, which corrects for the DAC and the turntable, but that leaves the tuner out of phase with the rest of the system. None of my current components has a phase inverting switch and I don't want to have to switch my speaker cables every time I switch to and from the tuner. Any ideas? Thanks.
Is the tuner inverted phase before, or after it goes through the preamp ?

I'm assuming it's going through the preamp.
Most radio audio processing has big ol' phase rotator in place. This scrambles the phase of the audio band to eliminate non-symetry in the waveform. As a result any particuliar band within the audio spectrum will have a phase difference betwen 0 and 360 degrees or so. So don't sweat it!

The tuner is inverted after it goes through the preamp. Thanks.