Introducing Myself

Hello ladies and gents,


I’m just introducing myself as someone on the forum suggested I should. I tried this a couple of days ago but because I’m new I didn’t fully understand the rules and my thread was deleted. I’m not altogether sure why, but I suspect it may have been seen as ’spam’ since I spoke about a product.

I’m based in London and I’ve been a vinyl fan for about 45 years. I have a handful of turntables including Well Tempered Amadeus, Garrard 301, Technics SL-1210 and Linn Sondek.

Please forgive me if I transgress in some way - it seems every forum has a different culture and set of rules, which are sporadically observed, and I’m never quite sure what I am allowed and not allowed to say.




Hi Richard,

You are not allowed to say anything about my mother, otherwise have at it. It would appear you have found the right place for a guy with so many turntables. Which one do you use the most and what tonearm and cartridge are on it?

Welcome to the forum. An observation from one forum member here (me). People don’t mind being opinionated, some overly passionate about their opinions. I always liked the civility I had seen in GB when one did not want to offend another (haha). Maybe that’s not what you will always find here. And yes that is a fine TT collection.

Cheers fellas - after my previous introduction was deleted I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention tone arms, but I'm currently listening to a borrowed My Sonic Lab Eminent, an OC9 MkII, a 2M Black, an AT520EB, and a Shure M97xE. Phono stages are Linn Uphorik and Parks Audio Puffin. Creek ALPS volume controls, Linn Tuneboxes, Behringer A500s, active 242ii. I have a second system with DACMagic Azur - Creek ALPS - Behringer A500 - EPOS ES14s.

I've had a hifi problem for about 40 years - I think I bought my Sondek in 1984. My Amadeus was 1400GBP used, my SL-1210 was 200GBP with an RB301 arm from Cash Convertors, and my Garrards were free as they were about to be thrown out! I seem to have accumulated my system on a fairly limited budget - only some of the Behringers were bought new.

If you keep a look out for vintage bargains you can assemble a very nice system for not much outlay.