Intro to Tube Amplifiers

I am looking for a Tube amplifer with at least 50 watts power. Are there any good products at a reasonable price (under $1000)? I currently have a home theatre receiver which performs great for movies but lousy for music. Looking at Tubes as an alternative power source.
Try a Jolida. They have various models in your power/price ranfe. I've owned/own high end ARC, CJ and Melos tube equipment and I use a Jolida 502 in my bedroom system. You can get them used for $400-600. I personally think that you can't beat their price/performance unless you want to build one yourself. They turn up on ebay more frequently that here. Replace the stock tubes. I use KT-88s as the ouput tubes and NOS on the drivers. A Dynco Stereo 70 would also be a good first choice but a little lite on your power requirements.
I have an Audio Research D90B Tube amp rated at a conservative 90 watts/ch.It has all new tubes,Fugiyama gold plated inputs and 5 way binding posts.I tried this in my home theatre set up running my centre channel but found too much bloom to achieve a strong centre image for voices. Regards Kevin
Sound Valves made pre assembled and kits of 40 watt mono blocks that were very good sound, certainly in your price range and very reliable. The EL34 tubes they use as outputs are plentiful and inexpensive as well as easy to change the sound of by the brand you choose. I use Sound Valves in my surround sound system, they are running along side of Viva SET's and Atmasphere OTL. Surround sound allows more diversity in equipment choices than strictly high end two channel, and with surprisingly good results.
How bout something like that Audio Research D90B hooked up to some Maggie MMGs? Because I've always heard how great music sounds when used with Tube amps. And if the D90B puts out a conservative 90 watts it could power them. Any suggestions? - Ryan
You might consider Golden Tube amps. They make a few different models with different ratings. I've been using an SE-40 for over a year now, and I love it. Even though it's power rating is 40 watts it would be worth listening to. You can pick them up used for about $500. Good luck