Intro Analog

Ok. Here's a challenge: I want to experiment with analog. This would be a second system. For 2k or less (total) I want the following:

1. Integrated, tube amp

2. Turntable, with arm and cartridge

3. Speakers that match well with tube gear (I have
Revels now, and want to try a different speaker).
4. Any suggestion regarding cables (this isn't a big
deal to me).

Can this be done? I await your wisdom. Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving.

1) Jolida 102 Integrated Tube Amp - New retail $595

2)Rega P2 TT/incl. RB250 arm - Used $300

3) Silverline Panatella Speakers - Used $750

Also needed: Phono cartridge - Goldring 1012 new $75
Phono section - Sumiko Phono Box new $100
Choice of low price cables - $175

Total - $1995
Thanks, Twl. I'm going to go and check those out.
Welcome! I've been also experimenting with analog since Little Richard released Tutti-Frutti on a Specialty 78 in 1956.

I've recently helped a friend re-intro to vinyl by obtaining and setting up a entry level Music Hall TT. Highly recomended. Talk to Elliot at

Start hitting those used record shops!