Intoxicating music

In the 60's, which is a decade that went by in a blur, I dropped pills that took me to far away places which did not exist. This music I'm listening to is having the same effect.

"Upojenie" is the name of the CD, and "Are You Going With Me" is the name of the cut that took me to "Shangrilasa", which is a place that's existed in many vivid imaginations.

Pat Metheney and Anna Maria Jopek are the artists who rose to new creative heights that brought us "otherworldly" sounds which transported me to "Shangrilasa".
John Abercrombie - Timeless - Timeless
Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow - Snowflake & Lake Tahoe

Both of these take me to another place and I highly recommend them
Phillip Glass - North Star (Etoile Polaire)

Listen loud and this music seems to have a neurological effect - no chemicals required.

Mike Oldfield - "Ommadawn" the whole thing
+1 >> John Abercrombie - Timeless - Timeless
Jan Hammer - "the First Seven Days" (Darkness, Earth in Search of the Sun)
Pat Metheny Group - "Travels" (Are You Going With ME?)
Iron Butterfly-In-a-Gadda-da-Vida at full volume will take to places you've never been. Drugs optional.
'Intoxicating'??? A person would have to be totally wasted, to listen to this stuff.
Stairway to Heaven the long version and a case of Guinness Stout.
pretty much anything with a fifth of johnny walker would prove to be intoxicating.

John Abercrombie's "Timeless" took me to the blue frozen mists of "The misty mid region of Weir". I'm still perusing Phillip Glass and Mike Oldfield, of "Tubular Bells" fame.

I had flashbacks of "head shops" when I heard "In-Gadda-Da-Vida". Those were places with black lit psychedelic posters on all the walls and even the ceiling. You were greeted by the fragrance of 1001 different kinds of incense upon entering one of those establishments. As well as intoxicating, music can also be a time machine.
There is a trio headed by DR Lonnie Smith (not to be confused by Lonnie LIson Smith) that does 4 JHendrix covers, Very influenced,
I am glad to hear you liked Timeless. Be sure to try this suggestion also. Best in a darkened room.

Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow - Snowflake & Lake Tahoe
Rok2id, check "Bengal and Beyond" on youtube; Amar Priya, Cafe; and Calcuta Cutie.
Bengal and beyond was good. As I was listening I thought it reminded me of some Blue Note era stuff with an Eastern motif, but couldn't place it. Amar Priya was ok. Too simple in contruction to be really memorable. And then of course the master , Horace Silver , showed me where I had heard the blue note Eastern stuff before, and then, promptly restored order in the Jazz universe.
Your musical taste can be summed up in one word, ESOTERIC!
My lastest acquisitions are-- The Gene Harris Quartet--'Listen Here', Count Basie--'Chairman of the Board', The Red Garland Trio--'Groovy'.

Welcome Back.

Rok2id, The Jazz Universe is forever young and always in order. I recently acquired "Moods" by "The Three Sounds" led by Gene Harris. Although it's all good, "Tammy's Breeze" is my favorite cut, it's also on youtube. Tammy is that beautiful lady on the cover of the LP.

I liked "Listen Here" from the very first note, I'll have to get it. Red Garland was unforgettable on all those things he did with Miles, I have most of them.

How can I stay away with guys like you still hanging around.
Thank you for this recommendation. I'm embarrassed to admit I'm Polish (but living in the US for the past 20 years), and Anna Maria Jopek is a new discovery for me, even though I've been an of-and-on Pat Metheny's fan for a long time. What a voice and intoxicatingly beautiful woman. "Upojenie" is absolutely mesmerizing. I only wish it was available on vinyl as well.
Actusreus, it's difficult to decide, which is most intoxicating; her beauty, or her voice, I close my eyes and allow my imagination to be intoxicated by both.
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