Intimate, warm and holographic alternative

Me another time... Sorry for the inconveniences.

Yes, recently I started a discussion here with the title: " ATC SCM150 (or JBL Synthesis) (or JBL vintage) (or new Klipsch Jubilee)". See:
Last post from ohlala, advising that studio monitor type sound is not the most "enjoyable" for him, was revealing. I could hear yesterday an SCM20 (yes, I know it´s not comparable in many aspects with the SCM150) but the type of sound have not convinced me.

So now I´m more on the warm side, looking for a intimate and holographic sound with great scene. Really useful some old threadas about this, especially: 

I would like to hear personal opinions and experiences about the best speakers that give that musical sensation in which the devices "disappear". Suggestions, brand, models...

I was searching some brands and models and here are some that have caught my attention:

- Gershman Acoustics: Avant Garde
- Legacy Audio: Aeris + Wavelet
- Devore Fidelity: Orangutan O/96 (fatigue??; little too "in your face"??; fleshy bass??)
- Harbeth: 40.3 XD (not a true rock and roll speaker??)
- Klipsch
- Spendor
- Tannoy

Listening position is 9 feet from the speakers. My room is big: 41 square meters. I´m worried about bass. I hear a lot of music but specially rock, so I would like something capable.

Thanks so much to everyone. You are very helpful.


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I had great imaging with Salk Songtowers in my last listening room. By great I mean just immense in scale and depth. Breathtaking!!! I just wanted to turn around and tell someone all the time.

My new setup in my new home even with 2 dedicated ac lines is pretty good but does not measure up.

The only other difference between these setups is my new amp is a Primaluna Evo 400 power amp.

My last amp was a vintage Carver TFM-35. I had the Carver in the new home for a little while. And I can tell you the difference was not because of the amps.

It's the room. 

My starting point from an imaging standpoint, in my last home, was way worse than it was here.
It takes a good deal of trial and error and persistence to exploit any room. But you can only go as far as your room will let you.

There's no way 'this' room will ever be 'that' room. I realize that now.

This room is warmer, 'somewhat' holographic. That room was a little bigger sounding (also physically bigger)...also more clinical, cleaner and super holographic.

All with the same speakers.