Intimate, warm and holographic alternative

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Yes, recently I started a discussion here with the title: " ATC SCM150 (or JBL Synthesis) (or JBL vintage) (or new Klipsch Jubilee)". See:
Last post from ohlala, advising that studio monitor type sound is not the most "enjoyable" for him, was revealing. I could hear yesterday an SCM20 (yes, I know it´s not comparable in many aspects with the SCM150) but the type of sound have not convinced me.

So now I´m more on the warm side, looking for a intimate and holographic sound with great scene. Really useful some old threadas about this, especially: 

I would like to hear personal opinions and experiences about the best speakers that give that musical sensation in which the devices "disappear". Suggestions, brand, models...

I was searching some brands and models and here are some that have caught my attention:

- Gershman Acoustics: Avant Garde
- Legacy Audio: Aeris + Wavelet
- Devore Fidelity: Orangutan O/96 (fatigue??; little too "in your face"??; fleshy bass??)
- Harbeth: 40.3 XD (not a true rock and roll speaker??)
- Klipsch
- Spendor
- Tannoy

Listening position is 9 feet from the speakers. My room is big: 41 square meters. I´m worried about bass. I hear a lot of music but specially rock, so I would like something capable.

Thanks so much to everyone. You are very helpful.


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Vandersteen are great value and great sound. They image well and are not fatiguing.  Altec was mentioned, these things can rock out but are a bit agricultural looking. Volti are a modern variation and look stunning. They have a few models.

@atmasphere  mentioned using a DBA. This system does more than just add bass. It smooths out bass performance and provides an improvement that goes beyond what one would expect. IMO a DBA will enhance any speaker even if the main speakers can go down to 20 Hz because the optimum positioning of bass drivers does not align with the optimum placement for hearing a believable sound stage.

Room treatment should also be considered if you hope to have the main speakers 'disappear'
Room treatment is required to achieve your stated desire : " intimate and holographic sound with great scene"  Without treatment you could find yourself on the downward spiral of endlessly changing speakers. After finding a warm and less offensive speaker you may then decide to add some treatment and now find the chosen speaker is lacking detail and a bit dull, so back to searching for another speaker.

I have witnessed the above scenario with friends. I have visited them with my mic. and computer, measured the room, (it's easy - the computer does it) and shown them the horrible performance of their room. Occasionally they agree to experiment with dragging a couple of mattresses into the listening room and then remeasure and see and hear the difference which usually amazes all in the room. Using broad-band absorption in the correct places works a lot better than a mattress and avoids someone bored with your sound from taking a snooze on said mattress.

A few posters have suggested speakers that 'do not need subs'  I disagree. Perhaps these guys have never heard the benefit of a sub or subs properly set up. Apart from improving bass it improves the entire spectrum. Plenty of reports on how this is possible on the net.
You have a good size room and say you might be moving to an even bigger room so I mention again Volti.  Standard box speakers can not sound like these. Their top speaker is basically a modernised Altec Voice Of The Theatre.

These speakers will follow you from house to house even if your listening space  doubles in size.