Intervention... I need help...

First, I realize that I should have asked for help long before my most recent purchase (Pair of McIntosh MC601's and XRT28's), but that's just me. Spontaneous and compulsive to a fault. And not rich or stupid by any means.

So now I have a pile of stuff and I need to figure out what to use in a setup for both music and theater in a room that isn't designed for either. The 18' x 20' room has a 12' flat ceiling, pretty much all windows on one side, open arches on the other side, and another 15' of depth beyond the back wall. The front (video) wall is stone to 8 feet high.

Here's some of what I have... 

(2) McIntosh MC601
(1) McIntosh MC452
(1) Mark Levinson 332.5
(2) Monster Power Signature Series MPA 2250
(1) Monster Power Signature Series MPA 3250
(1) Carver Cinema Grand

(1) McIntosh MX135
(1) Onkyo TX-RZ3100
(1) Yamaha RX-V3300

Media Players
(1) McIntosh MVP851
(1) Yamaha CDR-D651

Power Conditioners/Protection
(2) Monster Power Signature Series AVS 2000

(2) Bowers and Wilkins 802D
(2) Wilson Audio CUB
(2) McIntosh XRT28
(2) Martin Logan Odyssey
(2) Martin Logan Theos
(2) Martin Logan SL3
(2) Martin Logan Sequel II
(2) Martin Logan Aeon i
(1) Martin Logan Stage
(1) Pinnacle Gold Classic
(1) Bowers and Wilkins HTM61
(2) Bowers and Wilkins 685
(2) Carver AL-III Plus
(2) Newtronics Temperance

(1) SVS PB16-Ultra
(1) SVS PC13-Ultra
(1) HSU VTF-15H
(1) SVS PB12-NSD

I also have the wiring handled. Transparent Audio Musicwave Ultra Biwires, Hi-grade balanced cables, Toslink, and such.

I appreciate any advice (other than advising me to quit spending money on things I don't understand) anyone will share. Matching amps and speakers, using multiple fronts, running parallel or series, location, sound treatments, etc. 

Please explain why you feel the way you do.

When I'm all done, I will start selling the leftovers.

Thanks in advance for paying it forward.

PM me. I will give you my address. Ship everything to me. I will ship back stuff that actually sounds good. Use the transit time to meditate on the futility of asking random people for advice based on lists of stuff.
I’m my own worst critic... so your sarcasm is not helpful.

I’m hoping that there are other enthusiasts here who actually want to help a fellow enthusiast who’s not too proud to ask. I’ve been in love with audio for most of my 50+ years, and I know that I’m always happy to share my experiences and hope they benefit someone else.

I'm basically asking... with what you know about any of these components, if you had them all, what would you use, and how would you configure them? What tools would you use adjust the environment or the components?
Title: Intervention..... I need help

Its what we call a Freudian slip: unintentionally revealing.
Spontaneous and compulsive to a fault.
Yeah, I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment. 

And not rich or stupid by any means.
Well, these are more relative.  Just by the sheer amount of gear you've amassed I'd say you'd skew more to the well-heeled end of the spectrum.  As far as stupid, I'd rather say it seems like you have a scorching case of audio ADHD, and you seriously need to take a breath and a step back and assess the big picture of what you're really looking to accomplish here.  

Taken in that light, is your priority home theater, multichannel music, or serious 2-channel music listening?  Before doing or recommending anything further, we need to get these things straight.  To cut to the chase, it seems that you've thrown a bunch of darts at the board without really knowing where the dartboard was first.  Once we know where your priorities lie in the above three major areas, then we can ask what performance qualities for those priorities are most important to you.  Then we can go forward from there with some greater focus and clarity.  Until then, this is just an irreconcilable mess of stuff where you're just gonna get an incredible mishmash of random recommendations based on incomplete and uninformed recommendations.

I feel like a therapist here, but let's just take a step back and look at your ultimate big-picture goals before diving even deeper into the audio weeds.  We'll get there.  Let's just take some smaller steps first.  The good news is that once you focus us on more of the specifics of what you're really looking for at the end all of this, you're gonna get lots of well-informed and productive recommendations here.  Just beware, the quality and effectiveness of the recommendations you get here will completely rely on how honest and focused you are about what you specifically are looking for in the end.  That said, go for it!  You've got lots of willing (and free) help here. 

Currently I have two rooms setup. One for music, and one for theater. I would like to use the larger room where I watch TV and movies be capable of great music listening as well.

Currently, I use the Levinson 332.5, McIntosh MX135, HSU VTF-15H, HSU 12-NSD, Monster AVS 2000, McIntosh MVP851, and Martin Logan Odyssey’s for listening in a 15’ x 15’ x 9’ room. Sunken two steps, stone floor, and fireplace. I mostly stream Pandora. It sounds awesome!

In the other room, I use the Martin Logan Stage and B&W HTM61 as dual centers, above and below the TV directed at listening level. I use the B&W 802D’s and Carver AL-III Plus’ as fronts. I use the B&W 685’s as my front surrounds and some Klipsch 51M’s as rear surrounds. The two SVS Ultras flank the front surrounds on either side. I use the Yamaha RX-V3300 as my controller.

The 802D’s are each hooked to a separate Monster MPA 2250’s bridged to 400 w/ch at 8 ohm. They can draw more than the 400 w/ch because they are 4 ohm speakers.The center Stage and AL-III’s run off the MPA 3250. They are all 4 ohm speakers as well, so they can pull more than 250 w/ch from the MPA 3250.

All of this is running through the Monster Power SS AVS 2000.

For the theater, I would like an Atmos 5.1.2 setup.

I’m wondering if I should just run the XRT28’s and 601’s separate from the rest of the system but in the same room for music. I’m not even sure I want to pair them with subs because they sound so good by themselves.

Here’s what I’m thinking, but it might be wasteful.

McIntosh XRT28’s, MC601’s, MX135, MVP851 as one setup for music (maybe add one sub, but reserve the Ultra-16 for theater)

Onkyo TX-RZ3100 controller to height speakers (Klipsch), Levinson 332.5 to fronts (Odyssey). Carver Cinema Grand to front surround (Aeon i), rear surround(685’s), and front center (Stage).
You have enough inventory to open a small audio shop!
I know you're serious about your request for help, but you're probably the only one that has heard all those pieces.  Which ones sound best to you, and what combinations sound best to you?  Which pieces fit best in the space you have?  I don't have quite as much stuff as you, but I have 4 separate systems and I mix and move things around until I find the things that sound best together and work best in the space they're in (from small rooms to my wide open living room).  Have some fun with it and see what you like best and then start thinning the herd.
Thanks Greg. I think you're right. I guess I was hoping there was someone on here who would plug all my stuff into some secret algorithm, and poof, I would have my answers. I'm pretty sure the AccuEQ Room Calibration with AccuReflex Technology in the Onkyo will make my work a lot easier too.


I don't have quite as much stuff as you, but I have 4 separate systems
Ha!  That says a lot right there. 

see what you like best and then start thinning the herd.

Ha ha!  Amen.

I guess I was hoping there was someone on here who would plug all my stuff into some secret algorithm

Sorry I'm poking some fun, but ya gotta admit this is a pretty extreme situation.  And that's saying something given the preponderance of gear maniacs on this site.  In all seriousness though, you're the only one that has the "secret algorithm" here.  No one else here hears like you do, and that's kinda the cool part and why there are really no absolutes in this wretched hobby.  The good news is there really are a lot of us here who honestly do want to help.  So why don't we start with this -- what are your top requirements in terms of sound characteristics for both 2-channel and home theater?  That's really THE most important info, and then I'm sure you'll get some folks -- some of whom I'm sure are familiar with at least some parts of your arsenal -- chime in with some very helpful recommendations.  We're all ears here (pun intended).
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Um, what of this ownership brings you joy? What is the joyful situation at the end you think you'd go "I'm happy!"

If you don't have one, then buying more stuff won't help.

May I suggest, based on your request for an intervention, sell everything and go with either an Anthem HT receiver or a top quality 2 channel integrated.

One thing I have noticed is the number of subs and an Onkyo and Yamaha HT receiver.

Seems like integration between the sub and the room has been tough, and it usually is. Also I find Onkyo HT products among the thinnest and least inspiring. 
So, get rid of everything but a stereo rig and 1 sub. Contact GIK acoustics and get your room acoustics set up properly.
Then come back and let's talk subs.
My "System A" makes me very happy, but its location is not ideal for all day listening. My "System B" has been an experiment without much conviction. I've heard soundbars in a smaller room that sound better than $50K worth of components in my larger room. I would really like to have my "System A" in the larger room and be just as satisfying, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen. So the XRT28's and 601's are being delivered in a couple hours. I've already removed everything from the larger room and will start there with the XRT's and 601's at the foundation. Then I'll add the other necessary components to create a versatile system that is great for both music and movies. I'll need to drop another 20A circuit in that room too.
Talk to Fritz, he can make you amazing bespoke speakers for small spaces.
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I would go 2 channel with the Mac speakers.  Sell the b&w s.    The. Go all Martin Logan home theater with your Theos as the mains.    Probably get rid of the Aeris this are the worst sounding ml.  The rest are ok     Use one sub for 2 channel and the other 3 for theater