Interstin - New Jack White LP

Have a look 'n listen
Yeah, I would be interested in if the music itself is good.
Musical genius IMO. One of the few artists that I will buy unheard. Waiting to receive my preordered copy. I know it will be superb. Man doesn't make anything but.
I'm a fan of Jack White, but is that YouTube thing serious or tongue in cheek? Maybe I've lost my sense of humor, but it sure looks like it's real. And if it is, I kinda think that ol' Jack may not have his priorities lined up the way I'd prefer.
I wanna know more about that funky phonograph they were playing the LP on.
Okay, come to Jesus. How many times did you try to que up this LP before discovering its dirty little secret?
I aplaude Third man records and Jack White for pushing the state of the art in what is possible from a vinyl record, but i am still undecided on the musical content.
I wanna know more about that funky phonograph they were playing the LP on

Gates turntable
Notec - THANKS. Very interesting. Especially liked the CB-4 horseshoe desk and
the ad copy. Appreciate you taking the time to find the info. The whole Modesto
Radio Museum thing is great.
Yes,Thanks Notec.Really enjoyed the Radio Museum, brought back memories of a late friend.As far as Third Man Records pushing the state of the art on vinyl records I have reservations.A friend bought the Shins live record on TMR and told me that sound quality was "terrible".I bought Volume 1 of The Mississippi Sheiks complete recorded output (TMR).Seems to sound a bit flat.It also seemed to have an excess of "Audio Restoration".When re-issuing material from 78RPM my preference is for more original signal even if that means more hiss and noise.I did go ahead and order the other four volumes as to have the Sheiks music in any form seemed essential to me.Any comments on sound quality by anyone who has actually listened to the Jack White LP?
some listener reviews
Jack is a slick dude and I love the guy and his music. He gives me hope. He's a hell of a role model for today's youth (and as far as I'm concerned HE IS today's youth).
Yeah, he employs a unique guitar tone that sounds like an unnatural shrill but on Lazaretto he toned it down and I like it better e.g. High Ball Stepper (my fave on the LP).

I haven't tried playing the labels yet and never will really - except on one of my lesser tables but those aren't hooked up to date. Appears the gimmickyest LP in history is selling like hotcakes and reached number 1 in june on billboard.