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I have a peculiar problem that just started when I upgraded to the 2002 version of Microsoft Office. On some sites like Audiogon, Red Trumpet, and Amazon, everything is fine. On others like eBay and Yahoo Mail I get an error message "Runtime error: Would you like to debug?" After clicking "No" a few times it goes away. Has anyone else had this sort of problem? Were you able to fix it?

Yet another failure of Wild Bill Gates?
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No, has nothing to do with Mr. Bill Gates... it has to do with 2nd rate web developers who don't bother to do the proper error checking in their code.
Under tools/options/advanced... click the "disable script debugging" setting... should get rid of your popup
Slartibartfast, you're a genius! Thanks a bunch.
Also visit Windows update and Office update from time to time to ensure your software has all the latest security patchs on to help prevent unauthorized access to your PC. It could be also that when you installed Office that one of the runtime libraries was changed from what is expected elsewhere. The updates may or may not fix that.