Internet site w/interesting music recommendations

a closer listen -

This is not a site for sampling music as provided by Spotify, Last, Pandora or even YouTube. Rather it contains many reviews of recordings in 7 different categories:
Ambient; Drone; Electronic; Experimental; Field Recording & Soundscape; Modern Composition; Rock, Post-rock, Folk, and Jazz,

The beauty part is reading about something intriguing and tracking it down on Spotify or elsewhere for a listen. Purchased the Jacaszek as a result of this process.

Based on my sampling of listings under Modern Composition, the choices seem pretty far off the beaten track.

Well worth a visit.
Thanks for the link.Really enjoyed the blog "My Husband's stupid Record collection" Many interesting reviews as well.Checked out your system page..very nice.
GREAT. Pleased by your response. Looked at your threads, Casey. Read the old RIP to Davy Graham. I did not know him. Will have to check him out. Thanks for your comments on the system. Hope you will discover some new music by way of A Closer Listen. Take care.
Holy crap thanks for the link man. This site's exactly what I've been looking for and unable to find until now. Disemballerina are excellent.
Thanks for the post. I don't really listen to the radio anymore and am always looking for new interesting music.
Glad it was helpful, Uberdine and Max. I'm in the same situation, Max. Listened
to a great New Music show followed by 'Hearts of Space' on Public Radio out of
NYC years ago. Later, living outside Phila, listened to WXPN. Got exposed to a
lot of new music from those stations. Moved and lost those inputs.