Internet Radio Questions.....

There seem to be several internet there internet receivers that can run through your system?

How good/bad is internet radio compared to FM, FM-HD and

The reason for Jazz....nothing local here so I want to access whatever format I can to get some variety. Thanks for any input you can add..
Recommend the Myine. Stand alone tuner, sees your wireless (airport express), plenty of jazz, quality runs from not so good to pretty damn good depending on the source of course. Hundred bucks MSRP, prolly fine it cheaper somewhere.
I don't have any good suggestions to your question - just wanted to say that if you are into Jazz - then check out (KSDS 88.3FM San Diego) for commercial free 24/7 Jazz!
I think the best bet would be a Logitech Squeezebox Touch. You can access almost any station worldwide through your system, as well as any internet-only station.

For quality of sound and great straight ahead jazz, I strongly recommend non-commercial public radio station JazzWyoming KUWL 90.1 FM, 256kbps.

Also very good programming, TSF Jazz, Paris, 128kbps.
I will add WBGO 88.3 Newark NJ public broadcast station available online. Known here as "Jazz 88" Metro NYC area
I have two Myine's, with over 10,000 stations. Buy internet radio and never look back. Unfortunately Myine may be in trouble and no longer make the two I have, but when I search Amazon it looks like the Grace for $100 will do everything that my receiver will do. Remember you will need a router from your modem to operate the Myine type receiver.
I'm accessing internet radio through i-tunes - then the usual DAC to integrated amp. Station quality varies but many are very good quality and there is certainly lots of choice. And no need for a separate internet radio unit.
Thanks to all of you for your input and thoughts.

Dude, you need a Squeezebox Touch and all of your prayers will be answered. I have more jazz stations from all over the world bookmarked that I have time to listen to. If you get a Squeezebox, you should also get a free subscription to Pandora. Pandora is a great source for customized jazz stations.
I have a MW Transporter and find myself using internet radio more than my music collection in the main 2ch system. All genre are available and it sounds fantastic. So many choices internationally and some stations transmit at 320kps so it's he-res sound quality.

Also bought a Logitech Boom replacing my analog boombox that I use to listen to local sports talk or business stations static free while working from home.

I agree with Mitch4t, Squeezebox Touch is a good place to start.