Internet radio "only"

Just looking for something simple like the Squeezebox Touch to merely stream internet radio to my DAC ... The SB Touch has not been made for several years ... Is there anything new that is comparable??  I like the SB Touch for the screen and for the ability to use the SB Controller with it's own screen to scroll through stations.  I could buy the SB used but curious if there are any new, similar products.  I also prefer NOT to use my Android cell to control the "streamer" ... Again I really like the fact the SB Touch has it's own screen.


A simple and affordable option is to get an Amazon Alexa and use the analog outputs to your dac. 
Bluesound Node is a very economical and well designed package.
The integrated DAC is not bad either.
Neither an Alexa not Node have a screen though correct??  I would need to use my cell or similar to search and see what's playing??
There is the Nativ Vita with an 11 inch touch screen  or you can use the remote but it runs about $1600.  I have been looking at streamers/ servers for a while now and they use an app on your phone or tablet. Some have a small screen on the device you can use a remote but for me it would be hard to see a screen that small across the room. The vtia is about the only thing I have seen similar to the SB touch.
The Nativ Vita certainly LOOKS the part (I even had a thread on this unit) ...

IF i were to go this route I would want to use the Vita to store my music on its HD.  Apparently you can only rip CDs to the Vita using its companion piece the name of which escapes me.  It alone is priced at $500 or so.  If the Vita would allow ripping from ANY USB drive I would be more inclined to consider it
The Bluesound Node, currently $199 from Audio Advisor is a great bargain for an Internet  music streamer. IMHO.