Internet Radio Hardware

Just recently (!) I've been turned on to this as an alternative to over the air or other means of receiving radio. For my situation out in the sticks, it's ideal for receiving radio with reasonable sound quality. May even push aside the JRC for exotic finds . . .

From what I've gathered, as a substitute to a standalone tuner in a system, is it basically a version of Squeezebox or the Roku as far as the networked (WIFI) hardware component (intermediary DAC's aside)?
You are on the right track. I use the Roku Soundbridge as a cost effective means for this but there are other devices and ways to do it also.

You can check out The Soundbridge provides access to thousands of internet radio stations all over the world. You can control the Soundbridge via the remote provided or register your Soundbridge on this site and tune stations on your Roku(s) via the site from any PC with internet access.

Great variety of music and very good sound quality on most stations. The service does go down and is not available from time to time but not too often.

Squeezebox is another option. Or you can connect computer to DAC via USB and use the browser to find and access stations.
Do you have a computer or laptop near your audio system? I have used my laptop through a USB DAC. I am using a PS Audio in one system and a Peachtree in another. Trends is an inexpensive one. I am having loads of fun. Any computer will do. Don't worry about the fine points at this time. There are many ways to skin this cat, but just get started. I can't listen to FM anymore. Internet Radio, Pandora, ClassicalArchives Radio, etc. Have a blast!
For the moment, I have been hooking up a laptop to my system. Not having a DAC available (and my Bryston CD player has no input), I've been running F/W to one of my Focusrite audio interfaces that I use in my keyboard rig. Does the trick (save for a nasty noise that is present when I use AC power to my HP laptop . . . ground loop . . perhaps).

Will be getting my hands on a Squeezebox (classic or duet) as they are easier to come by than the Roku (and I believe Roku can't handle Realaudio files?) and starting with that hooked direct to the Plinius and see how things go.
A followup to my original query . . .

Checking further, I'm seeing two seemingly critical upgrades required to any of the squeezebox units: PSU (ex. CI Audio) and external DAC. Given that I have neither of these (again, my only critique on the Bryston CD is no input), could it perhaps make more sense to look at the Transporter or (if available) SB+? New Duet + PSU alone where I live is the other side of $800 Cdn. Tack on even a used DAC and you easily breach the $1K mark, and have three modules to deal with. Could take progressive purchasing into account for the three modules, but any time I've approached it in that manner, usually in short order I'm upgrading/adding cost to achieve decent sound.

Again, thanks for the input on this.
I have the Transporter which is also capable of receiving internet signals at premium bit rates. Go for it.
I use iTunes,Apple TV and a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic. Throw in an iPod iTouch to use as a remote control, and you've got fun for day (weeks, months etc). I'm enjoying the heck out of discovering new stations and music.