Internet Radio: Audiophile or no?

I was interested in finding out whether people think Internet radio has much to offer an audiophile these days?

I would say yes. The sound quality is pretty good and the variety of music available is without equal.
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I've been using WRTI's hd streaming through winamp to run in my new Bel Canto Dac3...

Sounds pretty darned good...and instantly gives me an extensive jazz collection.

Dunno yet if it rivals my lossless rips, but it certainly is a wonderful asset.
I was listening to a jazz station last night and enjoyed really good imaging. I'll be tuning in more often. Very enjoyable!
Yes, selection but not sound quality really.....yet. There is hope for the future.

I use a Squeeze Box connected to a Cal Alpha and stream both XM and Internet radio to my stereo. It's pretty much all I listen to now. It might not be quite as good sonically, but it's close enough. With the choices I have plus good radio stations pretty much going the way of the dodo, what are you going to do? It works for me!

I am of similar opinion I would say.
What are the Tech Specs of XM / Sirius radio?
How do they compare with old school FM? (15Khz max)
Is there much or any degradation with XM over the likes of Direct TV or Dish Network?

Overall, I'd give 'em high marks and they are great for background music or hearing new music.
too bad wwoz new orleans is in low quality...a great station along with wbgo newark

PS i think the sound quality on pandora is pretty good
wwoz is pretty good via the Roku Soundbridge. I was very pleasantly surprised.

It never sounded very good when I used to stream it direct off their web site from a PC prior though.

It is a great station though...always one of my favs.

Pandora has really grabbed my attention.

It does NOT sound particularly detailed, airy, transparent or revealing, but at least in my system it sounds very comfortable and pleasing, which is more than I can say for some "high end" components I have had in the past.

And yes, streaming new music is a wonderful reminder of how we got into this hobby - I hope to listen to more internet radio.
OK Cwlondon, I'm having some fun now... Pandora is awesome. I actualy had this on my Iphone and didn't know what it was. I saw your post and started playing with it on the big rig last night. I am now listening to it as back ground in my office and loving it.

Lot's of fun on my Iphone as well... I don't think I'll be listening to my own downloads for a while.

What a great way to discover new music. This truly is the ultimate radio station.
"Pandora .... does NOT sound particularly detailed, airy, transparent or revealing"

I assume you play this via USB from computer to your system?

There is lots of detail, air and transparency with the hookup on my system with many many stations.

I use a Wifi connection from Roku Soundbridge on my system direct to the internet for internet radio stations. Radio Roku is the internet service used to catalog and provide access to the various stations.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to access Pandora or other personalized services with this setup.

I see (I mean I hear) what you mean regarding Pandora. Too bad but maybe it will improve. Sounds good enough on my Iphone while exercising. Should be great for entertaining or for my outdoor speakers at the pool.

I am delighted you discovered Pandora and are having fun, too. Yes, it's great for background - at last, I can set the mood or change the mood without stocking up on lousy compilation CDs.

I have also quickly discovered new music based on my personal preferences.


Sorry, I was not quite clear - your point is that other internet radio sounds good?

So far I am going from USB out to a Hagerman interface box which enables SPDIF into my Audio Research DAC.

iTunes and WAV files in my set up sound more detailed than Pandora - but Pandora still sounds pleasing to me, if not very high resolution.

Lets hope Pandora is not too good to be true. I don't think their revenue model is necessarily clear or robust and I also read something about some other vested interests trying to shut them down?