Internet Radio

Is Internet Radio free,or are subscriptions required?Also,
if I'm only interested in listening to Internet Radio,do I need anything other than a USB DAC and cables to listen through my stereo?
free. there are services that charge for premium services but most are free. you can actually go with any dac, not just usb by using something like the hiface usb to spdif (or bnc) converter. other options would be the squeezebox products which will stream wirelessly and contain a dac as well. sort of depends on the level of sound quality you are looking for and your preference in user interface.
Try Octoshape for 192kbps Bitrate of wonderful music 24/7 for free, Radio Paradaise free App for Iphone. JAZZ.FM91 Iphone App, Canada's oldest radio station. I live and work in Japan for ten years now & internet radio is Heaven Sent!! Recently upgraded from HRT MUSIC Streamer+ to HRT MUSIC Streamer II+, All I can say is WOW!! Having a BLAST with recoder internet radio with ooTunes & RADIOTRACKER 6 for portable player playback!
Your computer probably has a headphone,or line out jack(3.5mm).Keep the volume down while first trying this output.Make sure you are plugging into the audio line out,or headphone output.The computer may control the volume level output too.You most likely could look up the manual from the manufacture's web site with the model # for more info.The speaker out is usually the same.This could get you started wither buying a DAC first.Use a cable like the one in the link to get started.LINK>[]All kinds of radio stations.>[]
Thanks,keep the ideas coming.I've been in a rut lately,and need to hear some new material.Money is tight and I think
the mini-plug to rca's would be a good low cost way to wet my feet.
Try AOL radio too.[]
i second the recommendation for radio paradise. i probably listen to that station more than any other and have picked up a bunch of new music from it too.
Thanks for the Radio Paradise suggestion. I discovered that there was a link to Radio Paradise in the "Staff Picks" area of my Transporter. Great find!
tvad you can also get a link to 192kbs stream from thier site...even better find! kcrw is good to, a bit more alternative.
04-10-10: Richard_stacy
tvad you can also get a link to 192kbs stream from thier site...
Thanks for the info. I don't believe my Transporter supports 192kbs, but I'll keep it mind for the future.

I used to religiously listen to KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" when Nick Harcourt was the host.
tvad ... it does. you can see the kbs in the top right screen below the station info if you use the web gui for sbox server. you will notice a subtle but nice increase in sound quality with the 192kbs stream.
How exactly do I enter the Radio Paradise's 192kbs url in the Squeezecenter? Be specific, please. I'm not intuitive on this stuff.
...I found out how to cut and paste the RP 192kbps url into Squeezecenter.

Thanks again for the tip.
i had typed all these instructions and lost it! tells you how much of a wizard i am...glad you got it, enjoy!!
I recommend WWOZ from New Orleans. Lots of great, eclectic stuff you are not likely to hear elsewhere.

Do any of these allow the user to choose the genre of music in the same way that Pandora does?

I just tried Radio Paradise, but I am not in the mood for Bryan Ferry on Sunday morning.

In fact, I am never in the mood for Bryan Ferry.

Thank you,