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I am looking for your favorite internet radio station. Just starting to get into internet radio and would appreciate knowing about your favorite ones.
I like, only hi-speed users can use this sight, its good for fishing for new music, I run it into my rig with a splitter from my PC speaker output, its good for casual listening very cool jazz/funk/fusion
The very first internet station ever, out of Freedom California is:
Run by real music enthusiasts, they find lots of unusual stuff.
No top 40 or pop.
Mostly a funky country rock blues style. Some comedy from time to time.
They play , Allman Bros, Neil Young, Etta James, Van Morrison, Little Feat, some bluegrass and lots of unheard of originals.
I highly recommend a good listen. is my favorite.
While at work, I split time between KCEA and Mostly Classical
I really dont listen to too much internet radio, (2 channel is too costly!) but if I ever do, it is usually to, direct and with many stations from Athens,Greece. Great to explore foreign music, broaden some horizons? I also listen to cbc radio 2, also available on internet, live.
Radio Paradise
Renewing this question to see if anyone has any more favorites to suggest?
May I amend this a bit to suggest favorite shows? for instance, I found a radio station in San Francisco called KFOG which is alaternative rock and they do an interestint "Ten at 10" show in the morning (10am) and repeat in the evening(10pm) weekdays, which has ten songs from a given year and is commercial-free during this show. They also do a nice acoustic Sunrise/Sunset on Sundays.

Worth a try. - classic rock at 160 or 192kps bit rate. Very good sound quality. - good quality ambiance music.

Plus, the usual suspects at and

more like an internet jukebox
Aural Moon - - includes the Gagliarchives plus a whole lot more - prog rock at its best

SomaFM - - techno, electronica, lounge, indie - all stations at least 128k and very well programmed, plus lots of other formats and bitrates

There are a ton of college and independent radio stations that also stream and, while the quality of the content can vary widely, almost all of them have something worth listening to. I used to live in Eugene, OR and there are 3 really good stations there: KLCC, KRVM and KWVA. I'm listening to bluegrass on KRVM right now, even though I live in NY... :-)
We just started a new format, play anything and everything. Soon we'll be segmenting time slots for different genres.
Stream in Winamp at, out of Seattle
I am surprised no one has mentioned AccuRadio, that is an independent music webcaster with over 240 customizable channels.

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Hey Zargon, AccuRadio is interesting.
Yes, anyone with an interest in a particular genre can go there and get aquainted fast. If you are listening and dislike a specific artist, you can deselect them from the mix. Also, I have found a number of previously unknown artists that I enjoyed there, and subsequently purchased their music.