Internet Direct Speakers.. Axiom M80 Thoughts

Seem to get good reviews currently using rotel cd as transport into PS Audio DAC, AR LS-8 tube pre-amp, Odssey Labs HT-2 Amp, and Spica TC-60's

Looking at M80 as the tc-60's are 2-way bookshelf and a bit small for current room 20x20x8

I always thought that Axiom's were designed more for the HT crowd than for the 2-channel music listening crowd. Can't really comment on the M80, as I haven't heard that particular model, but other Axioms I haven't been all that impressed with.
Btw, I see the M80 has several good reviews, but for me I don't care for metal tweeters. Never heard one that I liked.
I don't think there are that many I.D. speakers that are actually better than their retail competition. After all few I.D. companies actually make their own speakers, Axiom is one of the few that I know of. They are better suited to home theater and once you start doing some critical listening in stereo you become aware of the trade offs made to bring them to you at a certain price point. Most other I.D.s are simply rebadging other people's products with little or no difference... except for trim and faceplates. I prefer to be patient and get a great deal on name brand merchandise by major players in audio and HT.

Salk and Taylor are in a different league, they produce quality speakers. They are priced accordingly due to their use of premium drivers and top notch cabinetry. Call them Direct, I.D. , whatever, the difference is that they custom make them to your liking with sound and build quality that betters or rivals well known manufacturers.

I meant Salk and Tyler
I can state that AV123 makes very nice speakers, fabric dome tweeters, good frequency response and great customer service providing you are not custom ordering. If you order out of their stock they are fast and helpful. The shipping cost is excessive but roll that into the total price and it is still reasonable. I like the sound of their speakers.
very old post but for anyone wondering about Axiom M80 speakers.....I bought a pair in took sometime to find the right sound, however, using simaudio amps and preamps, these things are about as good as you can do for speakers under 6000.00 Exceptional value. I use them as a multipurpose speaker for my 2 channel needs. Lots of bass, very smooth mids, very accurate, very neutral especially in my smaller sound room using class A amp. I play blues, Jazz and rock on them and now my friend is playing techno!! I have pounded them with Rotel Rb 1092's for a while...thats almost 1000 watts per was absolutely ridiculous.

Just buy them for all you who are wondering! I have since donated to my friends some Paradigms, Totem, B&w. One of the best xmas gifts I ever bought myself. I returned a few other internet speakers.