International Shipping Company Recommendations

Can anyone out there in the Audiogon community recommend a reliable and not to expensive company to use for international shipping? I get many offers from international folks but am afraid to go that route.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
I us fedex. Once and a while USPS. FedEx charges the taxes and fees up front so you don't have to worry about the buyer not doing it when it gets there.
Anything less than 150lbs in weight, and as a private shipper, I'd recommend FedEx or UPS.

Best of Luck

Thanks guys.

Who do you recommend for heavy gear such as speakers for U.S. and International?
Theres a lot more Paperwork etc involved if you are shipping heavy/expensive items (above 150 lbs /$2500) Your best bet is to find a local freight forwarder that can assist you with this. Saturn Freight have offices spread over the country and do both Domestic and International shipments.

Saturn Freight Systems

Best of luck