International Freight Service. Help pls.

Somebody bought my Verity speakers from Netherlands. The speakers will be in two separate flight cases. One weighs 160 lbs. and the other weigh 80 lbs. I called Bax Global/Schenker which is the buyers preferred carrier but they won't deal anything personal and they don't want to pick up on a residential address either. What shipper will take a 160 pounder and will pick up from a residential address?
Thanks for taking your time.
Well Knowing where you live might give us people that are in the freight biz (like myself) a idea of who might be around. Just because they move freght does not mean they operate in all 48. Any flight going there hauls freght there. You think these airlines flying people to wherever for pennys are making money from that. No, they also move air freight. All major airlines move freight. Delta,TWA,Southwest,Northwest all of them. Give one of them a call. If they won't move personal freight ask them who will, that simple. Go to a air freight terminal ask around as to who will do it.
Where is the local Bax depot located? Take it to them if you or a friend have a truck. Or have them pick it up where you work if possible for you.

In my experience they will ship for anyone. What they might mean by no "personal" is over-the-counter cash shipments like UPS and the post office do. You will probably need to set up an account and pay by check or credit card.

There are lots of customs issues, etc, so personal shipments are a problem. They need to have lots of information on you on file.

Otherwise, check with DHL and see if they will do shipments that heavy.
Thanks Sugarbrie for reply. I did ask if I can take it to a Bax Global location but they said that I can't, because I don't have an account from them.
Bax don't do any personal air freight because that would be to easy to ship a bomb, duh. Sure they will move your personal ground freight.
Why not have a shipping/packing company come out and "pack" your speakers and handle the shipping as well?