international buyer,

hi guys,
Can anyone tell me what is the best way to collect a payment for an international buyer?is it safe to do bank transfer?thanks
DON`T sell to anyone overseas. I learned that the
hard way!
P.S. DON`T fall for that CASHIERS CHECK scam!
Escrow ( will work for many, though not all, international transactions. Email them and ask if they can do it from your buyer's country.

In general, foreign or domestic, this is the best fool and fraud proof way to do business over the internet for a buyer and has advantages for a seller as well. There is a cost that you and your buyer will need to negotiate (between $25 to $40).

If you want to do a straight wire transfer, I don't have any experience with this, but since you are not going to ship until you get confirmation that actual funds were received, I don't see a downside for you.
Bank wire transfers are easy. (Did one yesterday).
Western union.
Bank deposit.
I have had a number of international transactions, and have used Paypal for all of them. Some people have issues with Paypal, but I have found it to be pretty much hassle free. YMMV.
Please don't just say DON'T sell overseas. Don't tell me there's only honest people in the US...

For example, for extra protection with Paypal wait for money to be deposited in your bank account before shipping. Bank transfer is also safe, you just have to wait for funds and you can trace back who sent it. A seller makes the rules.
Whatever the method WAIT for money to clear in your bank account before shipping, cashiers check included!

As for shipping, even with insurances, there's always a risk, overseas or not.
You can check a prior thread I authored last week regarding PayPal.

I would say the ONLY way to ensure you are 100% safe is to ask the buyer to send the money to you via Western Union. When you see the Nigerian scam artists using Western Union as a means to rip people off, it is sort of a backwards positive endorsment for the safest way to collect money.

I have sold to international buyers in the past and have been 100% happy, in those cases I accepted PayPal with the stipulation that the sale was FINAL. However, I just recently was involved in a PayPal chargeback fiasco from a US buyer which has made me change my stance on PayPal for ANYTHING over $200, domestic or Foreign.

Be safe, accept Western Union only.
i thought bank transfer would be safe,because i wouldnt ship the item out til the fund is in my account,but according to my bank that they can debit out of your account if you give them the routing and account number..
Hi, I have done 9 overseas transactions. I was the "seller". I have used Paypal 4 times, Western Union wire transfer 2 x, and, with "friends" I have made globally bank to bank transfer several times. The largest shipment was an Audio Research tube amp to spain...400.00 to ship 110 lbs! take the time to actually talk to your perspective buyer, on the phone. Follow your "gut" instinct! If you have the slightest reservation,, get out! In conclusion, to date, no problems what so ever. Never use fedex to ship! they are the worst! If you would like more help, I would be happy to walk you through this. This is "Audiogon" not ebay, quality people here.........Scot
I have also done an international sale. Easy as pie to receive money. Bank transfer ("wired money"). Just to obtain a comfort level, however, phone your bank and get the specifics with respect to the risk involved, etc.
remember Paypal charges another ~1.1% on top of their 2.9% for internation money conversion. I have done paypal and bank transfers before. Both have been painless. Shipping with insurance is the risk because typically you can't insure it. Try to use USPS for shipments but they won't ship large components. then you ahve to look elsewhere.

As everyone has said, use your gut feeling and yes there is a Cashiers check scam where they send you too much and want you to wire the money to another account ASAP...
If you don't have a tracking number to track the item to the buyer's door, you are at risk of Paypal chargebacks. I probably will not ship international again. Three times in the last three months I am out the purchase price, plus Paypal fees, plus the merchandise to chargebacks with international buyers. All three times customs and postage info were forwarded to Paypal with no effect. All were Ebay auctions. That could be the main problem. Paypal is an Ebay company.
I have never had a problem, buying or selling to Singapore, HK, Germany, Italy, Australia and Canada. Without excellent Audiogon feedback that you can verify, I would only do Western Union or wait for a money order or cashiers check to clear. Guess I've been lucky.
I just got the Nigerian scam, too. I think they have raised it to a new level now, though. He wanted it picked up the next morning by FedEx, because he wanted to present the item to his "club" the next weekend. I told him to cancel the pickup and I would deliver it myself to FedEx drop-off when I got the second email from Bid Pay.

Well, both emails from Bid Pay came simultaneously. That has never happened to me before. Plus, there were grammatical errors and no html or links to the Bid Pay site. They looked fake.

I checked my checking account for the deposit from Bid Pay and there was nothing there. Then, I checked Bid Pay and there was no record of a transaction. So, now they are forging Bid Pay emails and not even bothering with initiating a Bid Pay payment.

What I don't understand is that he wanted it shipped FedEx Priority to Nigeria. The cost of this must be quite least $150.00, I would think, for a 30 lb. item worth only $200. What if I shipped him a box of rocks? He probably has a bogus FedEx account, too.

His emails came from a and a address. He used them interchangeably.

I´ve done all my transactions overseas/international.

Wire transfer

No hustle.

If you want to buy something you have to pay for it. As a buyer who wishes a seller to ship overseas - all charges will be on the buyer. Otherwise don´t bother. Wait until you get your money. How hard can it be? It´s the buyer who has to get out on the limb, not seller.
it looks like I've just go the same scam from e-mail address Don't they have anything better to do? See copy

HI, i will like the immediate payment of your item name (McIntosh MI-3 Max Performance Indicator ) because i will like to present the item to my club member son schooling in the west african country by next week so i will be paying thru western union money order at Auction bidpay and once the payment is made and it has been approved i will like to make the pickup myself thru my fedex or Ups account which means i will not include the shipping money , and once you ask me to proceed with the payment i will end the auction immediately thru buy it pls get back to me with your name and address where the money is to be send to and let me know if i can proceed with the payment as soon as possible. thanks""