Internal Wire Upgrade for SME V

In my opinion once you're buying a High-End tonearm on SME V level it's better to stick to the original tonearm internal cable unless there is a problem you can't live with. 

There are some people who always think they are smarter than all the engineers who actually design legendary toneamrs. In my opinion you'd better trust original designer and his choice than a stranger. 

You can give a call to SME if possible 

@rauliruegas  yes i bought a SME 3009 S2 from Alfred Kayser in Canada. (not associated with SME UK, just a former SME distributor ).  He does his rewires using Cardas all the way from the pins or headship input depending on the arm to the male rca,s, 1.2 mts away from the arm so that way you don't need an extra phono cable and there is no signal interruption with extra connectors.  Sounds very good is all i can say, but have not compared the before and after, since I bought it already rewired.                                                                               @Keegiam , I also have a SME V but it is a recent version which is factory wired with Van Den Hul silver cable.  I understand earlier versions used a different internal cable.  I think if you go the SME UK route they might rewire the cable with this new one but dressed with Din female connector, and you would use your own phono cable, I don,t think they would make or want,t to make you a full headshell to male rca,s like Kayser in Canada if that is what you want.  

Yes, thank you for that advice re:  I checked immediately: $350 + shipping.  Includes a thorough cleaning and new parts where needed.  Cardas 4x33 18k gold litz, 1.25 meters to Swiss 18k gold rca connectors.  Seems very reasonable, and they've rewired 1,850 SME arms this way.  This place sounds like an SME mecca.

It seems like a no-brainer to have this done before I mount a new cartridge.

Thanks again!