Internal Wire Upgrade for SME V

All my experience with DIY wire is it always seems like a good deal but never even comes close to professionally made. I would either skip it or go with Origin Live which at least I can be certain will sound amazing. 
Hearsay is dangerous in the audio world. The "service expert" is just as likely to damage the arm as anybody. Accidents happen. 
The SME V has been around for a long time and there are many on the used market. Just like cars audio hobbiests love to hop things up just so they can brag about how special their SME is. 
The only thing that changing your wiring will do is give you bragging rights. In my book that is just not worth the risk. And, why are you not installing your own cartridge? Bouncing your turntable and arm around town is not a good thing to do. Once you have a turntable set up you leave it where it is. If you know how a screw driver works you can change cartridges. The money you save on service will pay for the few tools you need. With the stylus guard on it is very hard to damage the cartridge. 
The best place to get an SME rewired is by SME themselves.
SME still service their arms, and will rewire upon request.
Their service is superb, not cheap, but often they replace parts, even the whole armtube if they are not up to scratch. Your arm comes back as new.

I would not let anyone else rewire it.

If you send it to SME for service, best wire is Kondo fairy wire.
Yes it is silver, I pesonally dont like most silver cables, but the Kondo is in a different league. I doubt the naysayers above have ever heard a Kondo wired SME.

Dear @keegiam :  The best wire/cable qualituy performance level are made it with pure silver, cooper is not even near the fenomenal silver quality.

I never heard in a tonearm the Kondo silver rewire but I listened in my system the Audio Note KONDO SUT that is 100% silver by KONDO extremely expensive but not in a diferent league than my AU-1000.

What I recomend to you is to rewire your V with Audio Note ( UK. ) silver wiring all the road to the phono stage inputs, this is that the IC cable is just continuous from the cartridge output pins directly to the input phono stage. This is the best you can have it no matters what.

This is Audio Note:

series AN-wire-300.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Replacing stock cable is the last thing you can do, really.

There are many more things in your analog chain you can upgrade with much more noticeable results than an internal tonearm wire.