Internal DAC compare - Classe SSP-25 vs B&K Ref 50

Which unit has the better DAC's, the Classe SSP-25 or the B&K Reference 50?

Aside from that, any ideas on which one will produce 'better' sound when used strictly as a stereo preamp?

I have the B&K unit now but thinking of trading for a Classe SSP-25. Front end will be MacBook via toslink, Escient Fireball via SPDIF, and a Naim CD5x via analog single ended connections.

Your informed opinions will be very much appreciated.

Thats funny! I have a classe ssp-25 now and was toying with the idea of getting a b&k ref 50.
Luynes, do you happen to live in Colo. Spgs? I see a b&k ref. 50 listed here for sale, posted 7 days before this thread. I have a classe ssp-25 and was thinking about buying the b&k.